Worker Placement As A Life Action Philosophy

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Do you ever wonder if your hobbies are bleeding into your life....too much?

I stand by the toaster oven pondering my next move.  There are several tasks to accomplish this morning and to get all family members out the door happy, and to my work desk ina  timely manner...I need to plan this right.

I put the toast into the toaster over.  Check.  I grind the coffee beans I've smarty brought with me from the pantry with several other items.  Check.  The water is already going in the pot.  I start the microwave to heat Elijah's breakfast as its right next to the toaster oven.  Check.  Ahh, the water picture is right here!  I pour myself a glass of water. Check.  I do 25 pushups on the kitchen floor.  Check.  Five actions without moving more than two feet.  This will be a good day!

Am I crazy?  Has anyone else every found themselves doing this?  Is this why worker-placement is one of my favorite game mechanics?

Food for thought....

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I see my micro chores as parallel lines is some kind og mental Gantt chart.

What is the shortest critical path? It it reaistic with the right amount of margin and buffer for unforseseen circumstances?
How much can I manage in parallel? etc?

It makes bloddy boring routine a bit more interesting and challenging indeed.

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I get my coffee set to go the night before so I guess that's kind of like a Special Worker in #Tuscany: Essential Edition

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But... considering I like a lot of take that and negative player interaction games it may not be good for me to apply my favorite mechanics to every day life.

6 months ago

It sucks when you go for coffee as first action and then get blocked of the tub space until next round.

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8 months ago

Hahaha!! I do this all the time with both board games and video games. Not the same thing but when I was doing a FF football draft all I could think to myself was #7 Wonders comparisons.

8 months ago

Your example sounds very much like Kitchen Rush to me. That's listed as using "worker placement", but I've played a lot of Cooking Dash and Overcooked, and it feels more like those games to me. Video games don't use the "worker placement" terminology; I think you need blockage to become more of a factor for it to be the main mechanism, rather than time management.

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Quick a few time Becky is using the sink and Taryn is using the fridge and Elijah is wandering around the kitchen taking up multiple action spaces and thus, I "blocked".