Pubmeeple rating.


I recently did a post that purported to be my top 5 games of all time. You can find that at

Anyways, I used the pubmeeple ranking tool to rank my games and here is where the chips fell. I do think it is interesting how different it is from my top five that I recently posted. 

For those of you who might not know. The pubmeeple ranking tool imports your BGG collection of rankings/plays, and then asks you a series of, would you rather play x or y? Type questions. For the purpose of the experiment I imagined I was in the ideal frame of mind and had the perfect player count of players I liked. I think this bumped some games up that I normally don't think about much because I get to play them so rarely. 

Number 10 was #Acquire

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10 months ago

Looks like a nice list of games! Haven’t played a few of them though.

Supporter10 months ago

So, which ones would you like to play? 

10 months ago

I’d really like to play race, spirit island, and scythe!

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