Slay the Spire Board Game: from the Screen to the Table


Slay the Spire is a singleplayer "roguelike deck-building" video game developed by MegaCrit and published by Humble Bundle released on PC, macOS, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. It currently has a 10/10 rating on Steam and a 89/100 on metacritic. The gameplay consists of collecting various skill cards to defeat enemies and journey up the Spire.

The game comes with:

  • Four characters that each have their own unique set of cards.
  • 350+ fully implemented cards.
  • 200+ different items to be found.
  • 50+ unique combat encounters.
  • 50+ mysterious events that can help or harm you.
  • Daily Climbs allow you to compare yourself with every other player in the world.
  • Custom mode that allows mixing and matching various crazy run modifiers.

On Janurary 5th, Contention Games announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter for a board game adaptation of the game in Spring 2021. There is not much information given other than that it will support 1-4 players with 45 minutes per player. It will be interesting to see how this adaptation will support co-op play as well as its classic singleplayer gameplay. 

The announcement calls Slay the Spire: the Board Game: "a cooperative deckbuilding adventure. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and finally become strong enough to Slay the Spire!"

There are some doubts, hower, about if this the game will work as a board game. On an announcement post about the game on the r/boardgames subreddit, Reddit user Gingtastic comments that, "now I did enjoy the video game, but I feel that it won't do as well as a board game. Just seems like a unnecessary creation to me?" Reddit user Danwarr also comments, "a physical version seems like it would actively make the experience worse. I'll withhold full judgement until I see the full KS campaign though." 

Are you excited for this adaption? Have you played Slay the Spire before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Owner56 days ago

Thanks for the news!

I remember you speaking highly of the digital game . There's super limited info at the moment but do you think this will be good? Wonder how much management will end up on the player's lap

54 days ago

The digital game is pretty damned good, although i rage quit it a while back after a rediculous fight where i essentially died from an infinite damage attack

Supporter56 days ago

I wonder too, how well the video game will be able to be ported over to cardboard.

Premium User56 days ago

I love the video game!

I don't know if a 1 to 1 recreation would be a great idea though.  I could see it being a bit slow and bogged down. 

I mean, the video game is more or less a digital card game but when the computer is handling most of the tricky stuff in the background it is going to be a different experience than if you are doing it yourself.  I am definitely not sure how co-op will work in to it.

Like you said, I'll reserve judgement until I see more info.

If this works then I expect Guild of Dungeoneering and Dicey Dungeons to be next.  :)

Premium User56 days ago

Is it more complex calculations that work well in a video game, but would be time consuming in a physical game? Or what is it that makes you unsure about this as a physical game? I've never played.

Premium User56 days ago

It's been a while since I've dived in but as an example, I remember certain builds you would play card X and get three knives (that cost 0 to play) and then you might have a bonus item that gives you more knives when you play knives or something like that.  And there was an item that every 3 cards you play you get +1 attack.

Let's just say you could end up playing a TON of cards in a round.  My vague memory says I've played 30 cards in one turn.  (Maybe it was less but you get the idea.) 

Now in the video game they just pop up in to your hand and it handles it for you.  In a card game you would need to keep track of the cards you get and the plus attack you have achieved for this battle.  Also, no one is waiting for you to figure it out and then play those cards.

I'm sure some of the details are wrong but you get the idea.

To look at it another way, here are some achievements I've gotten in the steam game:

  • Exhaust 20 cards in a single combat.
  • Have 10 or more buffs during combat
  • Have 50 or more strength during combat
  • Have 99 or more block during combat
  • Apply 99 or more poison on a single enemy
  • Play 25 cards in a single turn.  (Ok, 25, not 30)

Anyway, you get the idea.  The crazy combos you can build up out of the cards you build up during an ascent is an awesome part of the game so if they lose that it might just be a pretty normal deck builder.

More info is needed but this is what I'm most curious about because if they get a good balance between playability and the craziness plus work in multiplayer this could be an awesome game!

Premium User55 days ago

haha, yeah I can see how that could get pretty unmanageable in physical form

56 days ago

I have the same concenr but I guess they'll be well aware if that.

They'll have to simplify the math somewhat and perhaps expand on another end to compensate.
Curious to see a new sort of combo's or at least a clever way to have elegant math doing the same kind of combo's!

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