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What is the biggest genre in your collection?


If you include games that I have Kickstarted/Preorderd/ or have in the States, I own 37 games. We do have more games, but those are the ones that are "mine." In looking through those My biggest genre of games, by far, is "historical" games. This comprises at least 10 of my games. And, there are others, like #Porta Nigra, which are sort of historically themed, but, I don't think of as a historical game.

I am not in the least surprised by that. I love history. And, I want many other history games, though most of them aren't on my wishlist. Or, alternatively, what do you wish would be more represented? For me, I would like to have more 4X style games.

Honestly though, this is a bit of an embarassment, but those have all been aquired since my last trip to the states. So, I have yet to play any of them. This makes me think I should hold off on more of that type of game until I get to go up there again and pick them up.....

So, what is the biggest section of your collection? Do you have a "inbalanced collection" with only one genre? Or do you have a pretty even mix across every genre you are interested in?


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4 months ago

none actually! I have a very well mixed selection. known, unknows, Eruo, ameritrash, workerp lacement, 4x, bluff, tiles, strategy, light, heavy, short, long, .... Having 2 kids we're both trying to make fond of games, variety is key :D 

Owner4 months ago

Mine's similar and it's all over the place theme-wise. It is currently more euro focused though, and I'm starting to branch out in my interest toward more thematic games.

Supporter4 months ago

Sounds great

Supporter4 months ago

I'm not sure about exact numbers, but Star Wars, Space, and Historical are all represented in great numbers. 

Supporter4 months ago

I thought it might be star wars for you.

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