So.... after Day 1 of this week's challenge, how many of you added games to your wishlist after talking with others?


I'm still at 0 games added but I haven't read through everyone's post yet. The closest I got to was #DinoGenics but it's not quite there yet. It did make me watch a review video though :)

How about everyone else? Did you end up running into a game that might be your destiny? lol

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3 months ago

I know I got to add #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun to his list :) also encouraged me to look into #Star Realms: Frontiers instead of the base game!

Supporter3 months ago

Glad to help 

3 months ago

I think while not adding games to my list it has made me want to start a more formal 'wishlist'

Premium User3 months ago

Me! corrupted me pretty much right away.

I'm always open to add or remove from the list.  Buying is where I tend to be more selective. :)

3 months ago

HAHA happy to help!

3 months ago

Lol, none yet. I'm open to it, though. I've knocked several off of mine in the last few months, and there's really only a couple left that I feel are must-haves (at the moment). I suppose that's a good thing though. I don't need anything else, haha.

Supporter3 months ago

I also have not read everyone's posts yet. And I'm still at 0 games added. I'm sure that will change though. 

Supporter3 months ago

I haven't put any new ones on yet. But, I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen....

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