Growl Kills Every Other Social Deduction Game

I think this is the first social deduction game that I've actually enjoyed the entirety of. It's quick and easy to learn, has some strategic decision making,......

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Supporter13 months ago

I like that it s fast paced, but this werewolf theme is just not appealing to me. The box cover is just pure awsome :D
But it made me think that the game is gonna be about monsters (like Monsters Inc.) not only werewolfs.
Any other theme for social deduction other than werwolf, or solving a murder? I love Bing! dice game it is quick and fun, but any other recommended?

Supporter13 months ago

I've heard of this one. I'd like to give it a try sometime. 

13 months ago

Huh, seems interesting. I like that it is not just talking and accusing people!

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