The Most Popular Board Game of All Time Since 2014

Root (2018)(1 vote) 4%
Wingspan (2019)(5 votes) 19%
Gloomhaven (2017)(14 votes) 52%
Scythe (2016)(7 votes) 26%

27 votes

Just for fun, I looked at our google analytics on Board Game Prices to see the most visited game pages since 2014 (for those who are new/unaware, we acquired BGP late 2019).

Can you guess which of these games placed on the #1 spot? For your reference, here are the years in which these games were published:

Take your best guess and explain your reasoning! I will present the numbers once the poll ends.

Also, just a quick question: Would you like to see more of these types of posts from me? They're very easy and quick to put together so let me know if you find this interesting. And I'd love to take in suggestions if you have any ideas on what type of angle you'd like me to explore in the future.

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Owner13 months ago

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Alright, there are 8 hours left on the poll but I don't think there will be anymore votes. So here are the results!

1. #Gloomhaven (2017) - 164.3K Views

2. #Wingspan (2019) - 80.3K Views

3. #Scythe (2016) - 72.1K Views

4. #Root (2018) - 63.9K Views

Astounding lead from Gloomhaven. Still, isn't it impressive how much traction Wingspan has had even though it's the newest game out of the four? It saw amazing amount of traffic during March 2019, which I believe was during the time when there was quite a bit of controversy between Stonemaier Games and a game store franchise owner.

For a bonus, here are the rest of the games for the "top 10":

5. #Terraforming Mars (57.9K)

6. #Azul (46.5K)

7. #Spirit Island (37.4K)

8. #Sagrada (33.4K) - I really didn't expect this one.

9. #Great Western Trail (31.6K)

10. #Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island (31.0K)

Premium User13 months ago

I swapped Scythe and Wingspan. Pretty surprised that Wingspan was #2. Very impressive!

Premium User13 months ago

Nice.  Wingspan was my second guess.  

Supporter13 months ago

Nice, I did guess right.  I'm glad.  I think I'm still surprised by Wingspan but maybe that's just because it holds no appeal to me personally.

Supporter13 months ago

I guess I was wrong.... Ah well.... More congrats to #gloomhaven

13 months ago

Nice!! Crazy that Wingspan was that close after Gloomhaven had a 2 year head start! 

Supporter13 months ago

Gloomhaven wins again! What a great game. 

Partner13 months ago

Gloomhaven. Scythe could easily fit the same logic though. 

Wingspan is a broader audience hit, i don't think that audience registers on sites like this as much, nor people who check out board game media much either. Whereas both GH and Scythe are expensive, so price points and specials are bit. 

Also, in terms of my own video reviews. 

Gloomhaven: 275,000 views
Scythe: 154,000 views
Root: 37,000 views
Wingspan: 26,000 views

Supporter13 months ago

I wanted to pick Root because it's the most popular game for me, haha.  I ended up choosing Gloomhaven because I know there is a ton of content in the box and I believe there wasn't enough supply at first which drove people mad for it.

Glad to see I own two of the games on the list.  Also, SM featured twice, very impressive.

Owner13 months ago

Ok now I regret making the poll run longer, I just want to spill the beans and share the results already haha

About Scythe, one thing that stands out to me is just how much Stonemaier Games was ahead of the times in their focus on production quality, at least in comparison to other games that came out in 2016.

Supporter13 months ago

There are those that push for more companies to use Kickstarter. Personally, as a person who doesn't really like kickstarter, I hope that Stonemair is also ahead of the time, and that Kickstarter will once again become a place for small companies, who kick it once they become big enough.

Also, they were ahead of their time. But, I see them very much as following the example that Days of Wonder had set. At the time they focused on a few, strong releases with strong production values. In fact, I think they, almost singlehandly changed the box size for the whole hobby game market. But, Stonemair really followed their template. They focused, and still focus on a very slow release schedule, and they focus also on making games they can keep in print.

Premium User13 months ago

I like these type of posts so keep them coming!

I guessed Gloomhaven for the same reason others have stated: People are going to keep an eye on the price as it is higher than most.  

My second guess was Scythe.  I am not sure on what would be third or fourth.

13 months ago

I guessed Wingspan, mostly due to the hype and the media coverage it received, plus the inability to get your hands on a copy for a time. 

Premium User13 months ago

Gloomhaven.  I want to pick Wingspan or Scythe or Root but Gloomhaven is a great game and I can see people going back to check for price decreases and it has been in the top ten on BGG for years now.  

Owner13 months ago

Sound logic, I voted for it because of that too.

Premium User13 months ago

great minds...

13 months ago

I went with scythe, I feel like it is more widely played than gloomhaven (I have no real data to back that up), it is a bit more of a 'gamers game' than wingspan and has just been out longer than root.

I also thought that due to it's high price point people might be more keen to 'shop around'.

13 months ago

I'm guessing Gloomhaven for a couple reasons -although, my first thought was Wingspan because it's sold so many copies. The reason I went with Gloomhaven is because I feel the website you're using for GA data is probably not used as widely outside of the BG hobby community -yet (it should be -I love that site) and I feel (complete speculation and no data to support this feeling) Wingspan may have seen more straight Google/Amazon price searches vs using BGP. 

I was torn between Scythe and Gloomhaven because the rest of my thoughts could apply to both. The GA results could be the result of repeated searches and clicks on a game with a really high price point that is being continually watched for a deal. Ultimately, I only went with Gloomhaven because I feel it's current popularity and the current world situation may have driven up its recent searches. 

And yes -please more posts like this! 

-Mrs. Saint-

Supporter13 months ago

I guess #Gloomhaven because it’s the best of those games listed here. Also it’s so well known and is the current #1 on BGG. 

Supporter13 months ago

I guessed #scythe. It is the oldest one on the list, so it has had a lot more time to be wracking up entries in a popularity contest. Not only that, but the ownership of Scythe, according to bgg, is much higher than the other games. 

Supporter13 months ago

Also, I approve of this sort of post.... 

13 months ago

I'm going with Wingspan simply because it's a great game (obviously) but also is the easiest of the lot to jump into (having played all of the aforementioned except Gloomhaven).

13 months ago

Scythe seems to appeal to a much broader audience.

13 months ago

I picked Gloomhaven, I feel its been accepted more widely out side of the gaming community than the other titles.

Owner13 months ago

I see Root's not getting any love... makes sense though haha

Supporter13 months ago

I feel for third  place maybe it has a chance  against wingspan. Definitely not as popular as scythe  or Gloomhaven though. I picked Gloomhaven since its been so universally accepted as a  superb game and has been an intro to new players that didn't consider long campaign rpgs before. I'm so tempted but I don't have committed play group.