POLL: What is the best Deck Builder of All Time

Aeon's End Franchise(5 votes) 7%
Ascension(0 votes) 0%
Blood Bowl Team Manager(0 votes) 0%
Clank! Franchise(14 votes) 21%
Dominion(10 votes) 15%
Dune: Imperium(3 votes) 4%
Fort(0 votes) 0%
Great Western Trail(1 vote) 1%
Legendary Encounters(0 votes) 0%
Lost Ruins of Arnak(3 votes) 4%
Paperback(1 vote) 1%
Star Realms(2 votes) 3%
Taverns of Tiefenthal(2 votes) 3%
Thunderstone Quest(1 vote) 1%
Tyrants of the Underdark(2 votes) 3%
Undaunted: North Africa(2 votes) 3%
Tournament Fishing: The Deck Building Game(2 votes) 3%
The Quest for El Dorado(11 votes) 16%
Mage Knight(6 votes) 9%
Concordia(2 votes) 3%

67 votes

Even if it is only partly a deck builder that is ok. It shouldn't be a minor part but as long as the game depends on it to a certain extentent, that is fine. No points should be awarded for history or contribution to the general as a whole.

Think about it as every single one of these was released today. Only one can stay a game and the rest go away. If there have been expansions, that counts, pretend like all that content are options that are part of the base game.

Feel free to add your own option if you feel like something fits the criteria but is missing.


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26 days ago

In my opinion, #The Quest for El Dorado is the best deck builder bar none. Clank is probably more entertaining with the clank, the dragon and all that, but deck building does not work that well compared to games like Dominion or The Quest for El Dorado, where all the cards are displayed since the start of the game.

26 days ago

#The Quest for El Dorado is the best deck builder with a theme, but I gotta vote for #Dominion on this one. It's hard for a game to reach the level of mechanical purity of #Dominion and still remain relevant and interesting years after its release. 

26 days ago

Dominion is still the best pure deckbuilder. No Mage Knight for the poll? Or Concordia? Friday is low-key great.

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