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Testing the Latest BGA Feature: Game Search Filters


As usual, Trent (u/trentellingsen) is rolling out new BGA features left and right and the newest addition is a filter for your game search. When you head over to "All Games" page you will now be greeted by this sweet lineup of filters:

  • Price
  • Discount Rate
  • Average User Rating
  • Minimum Player Count
  • Playtime
  • Mechanics
  • Categories
  • Year Published

The Test

A new feature is always in desperate need of repeated usage for some fine-tuning. For example, when Trent added this article feature a while back, I started interviewing artists/designers in the industry to kill two birds with one stone:

  1. Creating unique content for BGA in my area of expertise and interest (when I play Root, it's 1/2 fawning over the art and 1/2 strategizing)
  2. Highlighting the people behind the scenes of the board game industry (I've always wished for the artists to get more attention from the community)
  3. Testing out the article feature

Three things, but you get the point. I've since published 8 interviews while enduring through every little annoyances and bugs that needed to be worked out with Trent, and there's still more to be done.

Trying Out the Filters

Now let's try a series of interesting combinations of filters! I'll present the results below and you can provide feedback in the comments section.

Test #1: Most Expensive & Best Rated Worker Placement Games

  • Price: $60+
  • Average User Rating: 4+ Stars
  • Mechanics: Worker Placement

1. Dogs of War

2. Clockwork Wars

3. Kanban: Driver's Edition

4. Dungeon Lords: Happy Anniversary

Test #2: Best Rated & 30%+ Discounted Modern Games

  • Discount: 30%+
  • Average User Rating: 4+ Stars
  • Published: 2015-2019

1. Brass: Birmingham

2. Teotihuacan: City of Gods

3. Spy Club

4. Reykholt 

Test #3: Going on a Long Adventure with a Discounted Game

  • Discount: 20%+
  • Average User Rating: 3+ Stars
  • Playtime: Over 120 Min.
  • Categories: Adventure

1. Mage Knight

2. War of the Ring (Second Edition)

3. TIME Stories: Prophecy of Dragons Expansion

Test #4: Getting Way too Specific

  • Discount: 30%+
  • Average User Rating: 3+ Stars
  • Playtime: 45 Min. Max
  • Mechanics: Tile Placement, Set Collection

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Test #5: Cooperative + Area Control Games with Best Ratings

  • Average User Rating: 3+ Stars
  • Mechanics: Cooperative, Area Control

1. Spirit Island

2. Terraforming Mars

3. Space Alert


It's 12am and I'm running out of juice. Let me know in the comments what you think about the results!

How are the filters working out for you?

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Owner20 months ago

Lanterns is a fun game by the way. Cool stuff!

Owner20 months ago

Looked at the images of the game and it does look fun, is it pretty good for 2 players? Great job with the new feature!

Owner20 months ago

Yeah it is!