Weekend Wrap Up 3/24/2019

This was a busy weekend for me racing againg the rain to build a shed but I still managed a game night on Friday and Saturday night. Friday was games with the folds we had a total of 8 people to play so we picked up Sushi Go! Party which was a big hit. We also did a round of TTR: Old West because it was requested and the one we default to for the 6 player limit. Half of the people had played the original TTR earlier that week for the first time so it was interesting to see the adjustments. The younger kids also had fun with Ice Cool. Saturday was a more mellow night of Scrabble and Catch Phrase. Tonight will be one more game night but only 4-5 people will be here and Catan and Villainous are on the docket.

What did everyone else bring to the table? We are looking to add TTR India into the mix for some more variety since everyone can't seem to get enough TTR but we don't want it to get stale.

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