State of Your Board Game Collection - May 2021


Let's update each other on where are collections are at! (The last post was in mid-March)

  • Which games have you added into your collection in the last 30 days? How's it working out for you?
  • Which games have you removed or are you thinking of removing from your collection and why?
  • Which games are on your radar for future acquisition?

Here are my answers:


In case anyone's curious, I still haven't backed #John Company (Second Edition). But I will be buying #Too Many Bones once my family finishes moving this month! With everything that's going on, it's been hectic and I haven't been good about replying to everyone's comments, so I apologize!


#Tapestry has left the building. It'll be a part of my selling spree to prep for the move.

It's definitely not a bad game by any means. It's a nice puzzle of optimizing your resources and the amount of things you can do on a turn increases with each passing round. The tactile experience is great and that makes for a pleasing solo experience. It's also overproduced, but lately dropped to a more approachable price range.

In the end though, it felt like a semi-luxurious puzzle that I don't need.

On my radar

#Cubitos. It seems to be a combination of #The Quest for El Dorado and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.

Race to the finish line, shopping for more powerful dice, and making big leaps across the board. One big downside is that it seems to have surprisingly low amount of interaction between players for a game of this type. I've cooled on it after hearing that, but I could see it being a great 4-player game.

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3 days ago

I do enjoy these threads!


I threw a couple bucks out for some games on NerdzDay so I could flip em for different/better games or some cash. I picked up #Viticulture: Essential Edition (will mention this in a minute) and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (if you are interested in this, send me a PM to buy or trade with me). I also backed #John Company (Second Edition) and am debating if I want the coins! 


In the process of Removing Viticulture in a trade for #Cubitos! I played this recently and it is definitely fun, not super long or interactive but everyone loves dice and it is short enough for it to not be a problem for me! Thinking about trading/selling #Barrage and #PARKS but havent confirmed that move yet.

On my Radar:

#Coffee Traders - this has been a game that I put off because it only played 3-4 players but it recently had a 2-player variant officially announced and now I am right back in it...I have some DOGE so maybe I can use my earnings from that on this lol. 

Owner3 days ago

That doge should afford you several games now right? :D (not sure if you plan to keep them until Elon Musk's SNL appearance)

How good is the dice building in Cubitos? Would you say that it's as satisfying as what you experience in Quacks?

2 days ago

I dont have THAT much DOGE lol. I bought a small amount of coins a couple months ago and invested a little more before it blew up but nothing of note, definitely more in the "board game funds" range not in the "buy house" range. I am definitely planning to hold for a bit. People are crazy and its fun to be along for the ride!

The dice building is very similar to Quacks except you do not always have the opportunity to roll that die right away. I am sure it is something that could be more interesting with different maps and different cards!

Owner20 hours ago

Should Board Game Atlas start accepting crypto payments? 😆Hope that doge gives you a decent change for a game if not a house way down the road lol

Gotcha, Trent mentioned something how some dice are dependent on the other players. Overall, would you say that you'd pull out Quacks if you had 3-4 players for the night? Or Cubitos?

16 hours ago

Lol I hope so too! Not holding my breath though. 

Yea there is one that is similar to the death moth in Quacks where you compare what everyone has, it is definitely a very freindly game. I think it would depend on the group I am playing with. Cubitos is easier to teach I think, they are different enough to where I am good with owning both!

3 days ago

Wait? People do this?  Like real estate investing only board games?

2 days ago

Oh definitely, I have bought games on sales and flipped it for a profit or traded it for something more expensive that I wanted!

Owner3 days ago

Not as common for games that are widely available like Viticulture, just that Game Nerdz had an amazing sale a few weeks ago! I got #Marvel Champions: The Card Game for $25 from that sale (not that I plan to sell it).

Premium User2 days ago

Shocked you wouldn't already be doing this with your calculator :P

Premium User3 days ago

I also bought a game purely for the flip potential, lol (#Star Wars: Rebellion)

3 days ago

I added more games since mid-March than I did in each of the last two years!  This was due mainly to items finally coming in stock at Game Nerdz and using my November gift card win ( your picture will be coming soon!). I'm going to include ones I had shipped late last week eventhough they will be arriving later this week.

Added: I bought #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Charms and Potions Expansion from Amazon, #Marvel Champions: The Card Game from Game Nerdz on NerdzDay, and #Lost Ruins of Arnak at my FLGS as a ding and dent on Friday.  I spent more on it than I would have through Game Nerdz, but you could say I was tired of waiting for it to be in stock. 

Does backing #Everdell: Newleaf, Mistwood, and The Complete Collection on Kickstarter count as an acquistion now or when it ships next year?

Now for my BGA gift card purchases: #King of Tokyo: Power Up, #Draftosaurus, #Terraforming Mars: Prelude, #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, #Downforce, #Raiders of Scythia, #Imhotep, #Scythe: Invaders from Afar, and #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Black Widow Hero Pack.  

I haven't removed anything yet as I haven't really explored a reasonable option to do so.  But #Friday is still pulled from the shelf, and if no one would miss it, #Monopoly: Star Wars would go as well. #Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition probably should go, too, as it's only been played once, and a second turn wasn't even completed (my wife was not interested in it).

On my radar: #The Quest for El Dorado, #Hadrian's Wall, and #Under Falling Skies are of high interest to me right now. I'm also trying to determine if there is room on my shelf next to #Paladins of the West Kingdom for #Viscounts of the West Kingdom

With a few more items on pre-order I bought with my February gift card win that should come out later this summer, I think this should do me for the rest of the year.  (My wife would probably appreciate that.)

Premium User2 days ago

Love the last line!

Lots of great stuff here!

Premium User2 days ago

Some good purchases there!  Nicely done!  

The Quest for El Dorado is excellent and would be my pick for a pickup.  Between Viscounts and Paladins I prefer Viscounts and it is very different from Paladins so there could definitely be room for both.

2 days ago

Thanks for the input!

Premium User40 hours ago

No worries.  Always happy to put my two cents in.  :)

Owner3 days ago

That's a ton of games right there lol. Have you had a chance to play any of them yet? Which one did you like the most so far?

I don't know why I keep forgetting about #Under Falling Skies. Added it to my wishlist just so that I don't forget again. I'd love to get that for a quick solo play. As for Viscounts, reception seems to be so mixed. Some say it's the best, some say it's the worst of the West Kingdoms haha. I haven't played Paladins and Viscounts but at first glance, I'd prefer Architects for 3-4 players and I'd probably enjoy Viscounts more than Paladins for solo play. 

33 hours ago

#Under Falling Skies just got back in stock at Game Nerdz.  😁

(I ordered it and put it on hold.  Might be on hold several months until my birthday (Nov)- I want to combine orders to save on shipping and I don't want to scare the wife with too many games after finally receiving all of my gift card purchases!)

Owner20 hours ago

And..... it's gone haha. Wasn't planning to buy it any time soon but wow, it's still very popular!

2 days ago

So far, I've played #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive (one game with our exchange student),  #Draftosaurus (once with the family and about a dozen times on Board Game Arena while waiting for it to arrive), and #Raiders of Scythia (a two-player game by myself to learn it), I've enjoyed them all for different reasons: CtoA: SA for the story you tell at the end of the game, Draftosaurus for it's simplicity and fun dinomeeples, and RoS for the design and place-one/take-one mechanics. I can see all three working well with different people I play with, and they're all fun.

I've only plaid Paladins four times-only once with another player. I've enjoyed the solo mode a lot, but there is a lot to keep track of no matter how you play it.  I often forget about the benefits of the characters I add to my board.

Owner20 hours ago

Forgetting the benefits is something I always struggled with in #Architects of the West Kingdom. I constantly had to remind myself (and still forget) and also remind my wife repeatedly to take advantage of what she has.

Great that all those games worked out for you!

Premium User21 hours ago

What's your BGA username? I'd play Draftosaurus with you!

17 hours ago


I'm not on it very often and I don't know it well enough to know how to invite friends to play, but sure would enjoy playing games with you and others from here on it!  So far, I've only played real time games.  Might have to try a turn based game sometime, too.

Premium User14 hours ago

No worries! That's the beauty of turn based, you don't have to be on often lol. BGA emails you when it's your turn to play. I just invited you and to a game. I don't think you'll get an email that you've been invited so you'll have to login to accept it

Supporter3 days ago


Technically nothing added (no surprised here) but I did back #John Company (Second Edition)


Normally this isn't something I would be able to answer but I did sell my copy of #Pandemic: Iberia for a nice profit over what I payed for it which went toward my JoCo purchase.

On My Radar:

I kind of have #Undaunted: Normandy on my radar in the sense that I do want to add a deck builder to my collection and with the expansion being annnounced as having the possibility of bringing it to a 4P game it has peaked my interest.  But obviously I'm eagerly awaiting my shipping notice and arrival of #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile.  It just can't get here soon enough.

I wish I had a way to sell off games even if it's just to recoup what I initally paid for some of them but there isn't a good option for that right now.

Owner3 days ago

I'm strongly considering selling 5-10 of my games. Considering how many future plays they will get, I'd rather sell them to free up some space and make our move easier (moving home in a few weeks).

How do you usually sell games? I usually go for facebook.

And I'm with you there. I think Undaunted would be my type of deck-builder so I'm looking forward to seeing more info on the upcoming versions with solo mode.

Premium User39 hours ago

Facebook and craiglist for where I live.

If you want to sell fast you have to be willing to drop the price a bit.  If you expect your money back then you had better be selling the new hotness that is out of stock so some desperate person will be willing to pay for it, or some collectible holy grail game.

I typically set my first price at 75% of what you can get for it at current retail and it will sell pretty well.  

Supporter40 hours ago

So I actually haven't had much luck on Facebook or Craigslist and any games I have right now would be cost prohibitive to sell on Amazon or Ebay (which is where I sold my other games).  The two I sold I sold at a large profit over what I paid for them so it was worth it.