Why do you use Board Game Atlas?


What do you like about the site? What keeps you coming back?

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17 months ago

  • Great, accessible list of current Kickstarters.
  • Nice graphic design makes me feel part of a hobby that is fresh, relevant and growing. -on that note, have you considered marketing the site outside the core bubble of gamers who are already heavily invested in BGG? Might be much easier to gain numbers by extending your reach. 

Supporter17 months ago

Most of my marketing is on reddit actually. I've been posting about the site there most often. I do agree that it's probably easier to reach out to people that aren't on BGG.

Supporter17 months ago

I like the layout and look of the site. 

I like the fact that you are responsive and communicative with the users.

I like the fact that this is a fresh community that is open to new ideas!

17 months ago

Here are a few reasons, in no particular order:

  • Well-designed site
  • Friendly community
  • Active development
  • Wiki style game entries

Overall, the site is just a nice experience! 

That being said though; the main reason I keep coming back is this: I enjoy supporting the hobby, and particularly the people putting in immense effort to try to further it.

Though, I’ve been coming here less as of late - to be honest, there’s just not enough content here. And, for the most part, the content is uninteresting (side note: seeing 8 million bloody reviews in the forums is super irritating).

I mean, I may not even be a part of your targeted audience, but here are the sites I use currently (in regards to cardboard), and what I use them for:

  1. BoardGameGeek - Specific game forums/files section
  2. r/BoardGames - General board game chatter
  3. YouTube - Playthroughs/tutorials/reviews

So, other than just wanting to support BGA because I appreciate the effort, and you’ve built a nice site; I don’t see any major reason to use this site instead of the others - The niceties of this site don’t outweigh the major issue it has: not enough users.

Honestly, I’m not trying to be negative here, just truthful. I hope BGA succeeds, but I think it’s going to require more differentiation than just a prettier site. Just my two cents!

Supporter17 months ago

Thanks for the honest feedback :)

Supporter17 months ago

The interface is great. I'm enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. I also like the clearance lists and KS lists.