Set-Collection Card Game Dreadful Circus Has New Gameplay Trailer

Dreadful Circus Gameplay Trailer Announcement

Ahead of the upcoming release happening at Essen Spiel (October 14 - 17), publisher Portal games has launched a gameplay trailer for their new title #Dreadful Circus. Check out the trailer and information from the publisher below.

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"At Dreadful Circus, our goal will be to create an unforgettable exhibition to our visitors’ delight and the envy of the competition. We will create our ridiculous shows with the Attraction and Performance cards. We put the former on the table in front of us, ensuring long-term benefits. The latter have an immediate effect and we discard them after use. However, we will not play both types of cards directly from our hand, but only after purchasing them from the Seller."


Check Out The Game Page For More Information


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