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Embarrassing boardgame rules gaffe after multiple plays

Premium User

I was reviewing comments on one of my videos this morning and noticed someone noted that in #Spirit Island the spirits can only use the elements for themselves.  This caused me to go bakc to the rules and review and sure enough....BAM....I was doing it wrong.

See, that way I'd played with folks was those elements sit in the air and anyone can use them, but once they are used, they are gone.  So really I was wrong on two accounts because they can be used for multiple powers if a spirit has then but only if you produced them yourself (generally).

I've played this game so many times and now, now I have to go back and put an asterisk next to all my wins.  In fact, I'm going to have to play this game about 50 more times now to see if I can win!  

Has you ever played a game a bunch and found out later you were doing something wrong the whole time?

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Premium User5 months ago

I think it made #Spirit Island a good bit easier to be able to share the elements from cards played and in many cases produced by the spirits themselves (to answer ).  I will enjoy replaying the game with this updated rule knowledge.  I think it will make the gameplay easier and simplify the card selection to some degree.  

In response to I am afraid I've made a similar mistake more often than I would like to admit.  I discovered not long ago in #Heaven & Ale that there is a rule box indicating adding a few extra trigger tokens on the final round that I missed on previous plays.  In that case the game was easier moving forward.  

#Scythe got a little harder when I discovered we were doing the move action incorrectly.  Instead of moving two units one space each we were allowing one unit to move twice OR two unit to move once.  It was playing the steam version that led me back to the rulebook to review that.

In #Wingspan we started the game with an egg on each space....I'm kidding, we didn't mess up Wingspan :P

5 months ago

I wouldn't say I've done it a bunch of times. I've had to correct a couple of things we were doing wrong with #Evolution: Climate after a couple of plays. #Dune is notoriously unclear about a lot of rules, due to the wildly differing faction abilities, so I feel like every time we've played we get a little better about following the rules, haha. I'm not too worried about that one, as it's more of an "experience" game, if that makes any sense. Everyone in our group is pretty chill about the rules with that one.

5 months ago

Ha, that's excellent, you now get to go and rediscover the whole game, I wonder if it made it easier or harder for you?

The first couple of games of Nemesis we got it wrong. Normally when you move from room to room you roll a die and put a noise toekn on the corresponding corridor, if a corridor gets a second token then an alien arrives (not good news for anyone). We initally played that if you discard an extra card when moving then you don't have to put a noise token down. It was only part way into our second game that we realised the rule is you can discard an extra card to choose where the noise token goes instead of rolling for it. This made the game much harder but also made moving together (only have to roll if you move into an empty room) much more valuable so encouraged a bit more teamwork.

Supporter5 months ago

I know I have had some. I'm not thinking of anything super embarrassing at the moment. I do know the first two or three two player games I played for Agricola I played with the 3-4 player setup. This made it much much easier.