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Supporter55 days ago

It could be fun to do a community vote on things like this and see if it lines up.

54 days ago

Great idea!

We can just set up a poll for that, right?

Supporter54 days ago


52 days ago

Was curious to read your take and found out I mostly agree with everything.

There is one thing about "traders & builders" though.

"Farmers ...[text cut]... Traders & Builders introduces pigs that fixes this"

For us, it only makes the players that fully grasp the farmer tactics even -more- powerful. It didn't enable less farmer-driven player to make more or better use of farmers. In our family, I grasp farmer tactics best because I have and advantage in "area" concepts while my wife beats me in bluff concepts :) I found out I dominate scoring due to pigs.

50 days ago

Interesting! It might be that everyone in my group already grasp farmers pretty well - they're usually hotly contested in our games. So I might not have considered what happens to the farmer game in this expansion when one player tends to dominate the farmers.


Food for thought!

54 days ago

I've only ever played base #Carcassonne but some of these expansions definitely sound interesting.

55 days ago

Traders and Builders sounds interesting! The only one we have is Inns and Cathedrals, which we like.

Supporter52 days ago

I've only played with the mini expansions that come with the new edition... they are fun having a twist is always great. 

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