3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Stevens, Spirits and Senile Vampires

Let’s close the week with a fresh bunch of upcoming kickstarter board game previews. Today we’ll show you 3 games coming in summer and one without a precise launch date.

Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight – July 21st

Spirits of the Forest, a lighter board game known for its fabulous visuals and fun, set collection based gameplay, is getting its first big expansion. Moonlight, because that’s how it’s going to be called, adds a ton of new elements to the game making it evolve into a 2 player, cooperative, scenario based game. It’s also possible to play it solo, solitaire style. Scenarios often include puzzle based challenges that make playing the game dramatically different. 

Moonlight expansion will also come with beautifully made animal meeples used during the campaign. Their role is to show which tiles are available to you at a certain turn or to score more points near the end. 

Apart from the expansion, the original Spirits of the Forest game will be up for backing as well. Both will be available in the regular, and Kickstarter exclusive editions with wooden elements.

Dining With Dracula – August 2020

Dining With Dracula is about to have its crowdfunding campaign during late summer. The game is being designed by ,,,

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