How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day's Board Game Deals

Do you hear them? The whispers on the streets. The silence of the birds. The excited gossip of the poor. The nervous chuckles of the wealthy. The warning signs are clear for all to see. The Day is coming. The Day of chaos that comes ever year. The Day that drives the multitudes to insanity. The Day that the Laugh of Bezos is deafening everywhere you go. You cannot hide from it. You cannot run from it. It beckons even the strongest souls to itself.

Amazon Prime Day.


Amazon Prime Day is an annual event that the shopping website Amazon holds every year in July, where Prime members, who are users who pay $12.99 a month (or $6.49 if you're a poor college student like me) for various benefits, are overwhelmed with exclusive sales. This year, the Day is actually two days, providing members with deals during July 15th and 16th, and leading up to the event Amazon is showcasing Prime Day giveaways, sneak peeks, and even a concert (did someone say Dua Lipa). 

Though best known for wide screen TVs, laptops, and random kitchen appliances, Prime Day offers some pretty significant deals on board games. Taking a look Prime Day last year, deals were offered for games such as 7 Wonders (for $28.00, currently $44.99), Pandemic (for $21.12, currently $35.99), Terraforming Mars (for $34.99, currently $47.99), and Ticket to Ride: Europe (for $26.99, currently $44.99). Though we do not have details on all the deals that are going to be available this year, there are a few ways to prepare.

Use Your 30-Day Free Trial 

You gotta be player to play the game. This is a quick tip for people who are not currently Prime members. Amazon offers 30 free days of Amazon Prime which can be used during these two days to get access to all the Prime Day deals. To sign up you'll need an account with a valid credit card because you'll automatically start being charged for a regular membership if you don't cancel it at the end of the trial. You also get access to Free Two Day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Utilize Price Alerts and Wishlists on Board Game Atlas

I can use the Pen tool in Illustrator, no big deal

WAIT WAIT WAIT DON'T LEAVE. This is not a shameless plug for the website, but a legitimate way that you can be alerted right when games you want go on sale on Amazon. Hear me out, the website automatically compares prices of websites on websites including Amazon, Game Nerdz, Miniature Market, and Cool Stuff Inc. and let's you know if games you set price alerts for go below a set price on any of these websites. Again, Amazon is one of these websites and if a game you've set an alert for goes on sale below a price you've set, the website will let you know! 

An easy way to do this for multiple games at once is by making a new Game List (you can maybe name it "Prime Day Games") and turning on price alerts for the entire list in your profile. This way you don't need to set price thresholds for every single game you are interested, but a general one that is applied to every game you put on it. For those who don't want to touch their Amazon wishlist, Board Game Atlas has got your back.

Stay Updated Leading Up to the Day

Like I mentioned before, Amazon is giving sneak peeks of a few deals leading up to Prime Day. However, they can only be accessed through the Amazon App by searching "sneak peek." If you see a deal that you want to keep up with it also gives you the option be notified when they become active. As of writing this, I could find one board game deal of this kind already, specifically 30% off Games from What Do You Meme? which includes the game's various extension packs. 

Free Money

There are also a few ways to collect Amazon credit that you can use on Prime Day. If you love Whole Foods Market, it's you lucky (Prime) day! Amazon is offering $10 of Prime Day credit when you spend $10 at Whole Foods in-store or on Prime Now (which is a delivery service exclusively for Prime members). Do you still not have the Amazon App on your phone? Get another $10 of credit when you sign in to the app for the first time and another $10 after your first in-app purchase. Want more Amazon on more of your devices? When you install Amazon Assistant (which is a browser extension that helps you find Amazon products and compare prices) and get $10 off of your next $50 purchase. And lastly (we are saving a lot of money here), you can earn another $10 of credit when you reload $100 or more on your Amazon Gift Card for the first time. If you do all of these, it leaves you with $40 in savings for Prime Day, and if you look at the 2018 Prime Day prices of the games given above they are all under $40. Do you know what's better than money? FREE MONEY. And also friends and family.

Ride the Hype Train

Like many people these days, I suffer from FOMO every now and then, which is an abbreviation for the "Fear Of Missing Out" and often occurs when I see a bunch of my friends having fun without me (or when I spend too much time on Snapchat). As I look further into Prime Day, I've discovered that many companies these days have FOMOOMM. What is FOMOOMM? It's the "Fear Of Missing Out On Making Money," which is like FOMO except less catchy. 

Walmart, Target, and eBay have all announced that they are having sales around or on Prime Day in hopes to offer some competition with Amazon. Walmart is offering sales on its website from July 14th to 17th, Target has announced "Target Deal Days" on July 15th and 16th, and eBay is having its "Crash Sale" on July 15th, offering "even better deals if Amazon crashes again" (ouch). If you can't find that one board game on sale during Prime Day, I'd check these retailers before you give up.

Enjoy Sales Wisely

Yes, this coming week may be full of prices that seem too good to pass up, but please be aware of your budget and spend responsibly. I am very guilty of this, but just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need to get it. However, I hope these few tips can help you save even more this year's Amazon Prime Day. Time to give Jeff Bezos another few billions.

Happy shopping!!

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15 months ago

How do I add a new list? I'm searching around, and I can't find it.

Supporter15 months ago

Currently, I don't think you can create a new list from the profile page. Instead you need to go to a game you want to add to a list first. For example, if you're on "All Games" page, you can hover over a game and click on the symbol that comes up. This will show you several options to add the game to one of your existing lists or to a new list. Another way is if you're on a specific game page like Gloomhaven, the blue/purple area shows first option of adding the game to an existing/new list. Hope this helps!