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Area Control (Weekly Challenge #5)


One of my favorite game mechanics is Area control.  I love that it in general causes player interaction, and often negative player interaction.  But... I don't have enough of it in my life.  I think my two main games with strong Area Control that leads to player interaction of #Scythe (on the lower scale) and #Root (on the higher scale).

This is definitely a mechanic I need more of.  What are you favorite Area Control games?  

Why do you like area control?  Or... why do you hate it?

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5 months ago

I have been getting more into area control games recently. Have really enjoyed both #Cry Havoc and #Rising Sun.

Supporter5 months ago

Oh man, #Rising Sun is a game I really regret not backing on Kickstarter because I had less kids and more money at the time it was on Kickstarter.  It looked like it had a lot I would really enjoy and I do like the theme a lot.

I forget if you were one who spoke about #Inis.  If you did how do you compare the two?

Premium User5 months ago

I like a game such as #Clans of Caledonia where the area control is more significant than in #Scythe but less "in your face" than #Root.  That being said I like both those other games as well though I would not put the area control high on the list of qualities I like the most about the games.

Supporter5 months ago

That must be another reason why #Clans of Caledonia is one of my favorite games.  Definitely less in your face though.

5 months ago

The biggest area control game I have is #Dune. Area control is the main objective of the game. So that's one of my favorites.

Most abstract strategy games involve some kind of area control. #Santorini and #Hive Pocket are the ones in my collection, but of course classics like #Chess and #Go revolve around area control as well.

I generally enjoy abstract strategy, so I think that area control is actually a mechanism that I quite enjoy. I'm not sure what it is about it that I like - maybe it's just the feeling of strategizing and setting up your moves so that you can take the victory. I think I prefer area control more in the setting of a quick abstract strategy game than in a longer or more involved game, though again I'm not sure why.

Supporter5 months ago

Man, I really want #Dune

5 months ago

Is it just an issue of being able to get it to the table that's keeping you from acquiring it?

Supporter5 months ago

Basically yeah.

5 months ago


Supporter5 months ago

It's the same for me. 

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