What's your favorite game to play with 2 players?


It doesn't need to be made only for two players but what works great at 2 players? One sneaky one that I like is Codenames actually. The alternate rules turn it into a coop and it's pretty fun to try and beat your own scores!

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19 months ago

Zombie dice is a game that works great with only two players, and the expansions add in a ton of challenges. 

Also Gloom is a great slower paced game for people who enjoy story telling.

19 months ago

Magnate.  But it's easier to track down Schotten Totten.

19 months ago

Scythe is absolutely fantastic at two. My wife and I have 100+ plays of it in the last year haha. 

Definitely recommend it!

Supporter19 months ago

That's fantastic! I really want a copy and hope to get one soon!

19 months ago

Going to go with either Chess or Star Realms.

Supporter19 months ago

Race for the Galaxy is the favorite for my wife and I. 

7 Wonders Duel is so good. It is really one of my favorites.

I really prefer 3 to 5 player games though. More variety.

19 months ago

I have had great fun with Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization at 2 players. Also, San Juan has a very good 2 player tweak. Star Realms is our favorite when we just want to get something going quick. 

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