Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

So puzzles came up on a thread, and it made me want to talk about it a bit more. I've been working on puzzles since arriving at my parents' house in Canada, and I feel like a child again. I grew up doing puzzles, and I still love them.

My mother has a friend in England who sends her things every now and again. I noticed my mom had some new puzzles, so i checked them out. They are Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, and they are brilliant. The one shown in the image is about 40 pieces, yet it took my wife and I half an hour to put together (took my mom's friend a few hours). The pieces are very different in shape, which makes it more difficult--and fun. They're solid wood, too, which feel great and sturdy.

I think coming here for Christmas has sucked me back into the world of puzzles, and it was these Wentworth ones that did it. Of course, not all of the puzzles are as difficult as the one pictured, but they all have at least some fun and unique shapes to fit in.

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13 months ago

Cool!  I've seen a Facebook friend post pics of fancy wooden puzzles with fun shapes from Artifact.  They are expensive!  So I haven't invested, but I would love to try one.

I've been doing puzzles again recently after a long break.  I just put my puzzle keeper away though, because I got too sucked into doing my most recent puzzle and couldn't get anything else done!  I love them! 

13 months ago

Yeah, they are pretty expensive, which is why I doubt I'll ever end up owning one haha I'll have to rely on my mother to keep getting them and splurge when we go visit.

Owner14 months ago

Ohhh interesting how the edge pieces don't form a straight edge after you finish the puzzle. I imagine that adds to the difficulty of it as well? Also, I keep looking at this and I need to ask--is the color/pattern of the puzzle natural (as in that's how one part of the tree looked like)?

Thanks for sharing! I'd be very interested in getting one of these for my family some day.

14 months ago

Yeah, usually starting with the edge is easiest, but not here. And yes, everything in this image is natural. The grays and whites blend with each other so much that it makes it difficult to tell what goes where haha Definitely one of the momre difficult puzzles i've done.

Supporter14 months ago

That’s a cool looking puzzle!

14 months ago

It really is. The color scheme also makes it more difficult haha

Supporter14 months ago

That does look more interesting than the run of the mill 500-1500 piece puzzle. 

14 months ago

It is for sure. We just finished a 200-piece puzzle from them, and while the majority of pieces are "normal," there are still lots of special-shaped pieces (like lobster, crab, person swimming, umbrella...). Took us a long time, but it's more difficult and feels much better to complete.  :)

Supporter14 months ago

I do like the different shapes in it. 

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