Good gateway games for wishlist?

Right now I have #Catan and #Ticket To Ride on my wish list for gateway games, any others you recommend?

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Owner10 months ago

Who do you typically play with? By gateway games, if you're looking for games that are very easy to introduce to non-gamers, then here are some that come to mind:

  • #Century: Golem Edition - Great art, fun crystal-like components, and teaches the concept of engine-building
  • #Azul - Another very attractive game for newcomers because of the awesome tiles. Great tile laying/pattern building game
  • #Just One - Co-op word based game that gets people laughing easily
  • #Skull - Simple bluffing game that's easy to teach and doesn't put a lot of pressure on new gamers
  • #Santorini - Abstract strategy game that plays like an expanded 3d tic-tac-toe, best for 2p
  • #Welcome to... - If you want to try roll and writes and want a theme that's relatable and plays at near limitless player counts
  • #Pandemic - Staple co-op game

Here are some games that I consider a slight step-up in terms of complexity, but still very approachable:

  • #Wingspan - "Tableau-building" game with the theme of birds. You place cards in three different rows that give you different benefits such as gathering resources, laying eggs, or getting you more bird cards that have different powers. You can pull off satisfying chain reactions of combos that build off of the different bird powers. It's an attractive looking game so it's easy to wow a wider audience
  • #The Quacks of Quedlinburg - "Bag-building" game where you're creating a potion by randomly pulling out various ingredients from your bag and placing them into your cauldron. Some ingredients will help you create a higher quality potion while having too many of the white ingredients will make your cauldron burst. By creating and selling high quality potions, you'll be able to purchase better ingredients that will help your future rounds. Nice mix of long term strategy with an element of pushing your luck just before the point of bursting your pot
  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition - Good "intro+" for worker placement games. Players manage a handle of workers to accomplish various tasks to tend to their vineyard, produce grapes, and sell wine to your visitors
  • #Tiny Towns - Great spatial management and pattern building game where you're working with a highly limited grid space to build a town by making polyomino shapes

10 months ago

Woah!  I didn't expect so many games!  I'll definitely look into these!  Thanks for all the suggestions, and as for I usually play with, it's mostly my family.

Premium User10 months ago

Here are a couple of other ideas for quick but fun games that are an excellent intro to the hobby:


#Sushi Go!

#Love Letter


10 months ago

Thanks for the ideas, I'll make sure to check them out!

Supporter10 months ago

I don't know who you are playing with, nor do I know your tastes. So, don't take my recomendations too seriously. But, some that I have enjoyed, in addition to what you posted, include:


I am not a huge coop fan, but many people are, and if that includes you you could add #Pandemic / #Forbidden Island / #Forbidden Desert

Many people really enjoy #7 Wonders. I myself enjoyed the #Sushi Go Party! quite a bit more fore a drafting game. I here a more modern drafting game t hat beats both of those is #It's a Wonderful World.

I think #Dominion: Second Edition is a the closest thing you can get to a collection essential.

10 months ago

Thank you for the recommendations!  (Also I usually find myself playing with my family.)

Premium User10 months ago

I'll second #7 Wonders as it was my gateway game, and a game I still really like and will happily play any time. #Sushi Go Party! I also enjoy (I own them both), but it doesn't scratch the same strategic itch that 7 Wonders does for me.

To add to the co-op list you provided, I'd also suggest #Horrified. To me it has a more fun and engaging theme than the others, and it's very pretty, and relatively affordable (~$30 I think).

10 months ago

Thanks for the info!

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