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Roxley Announced a New Game Called Radlands


Anyone interested in the newly announced #Radlands? It's another 1v1 competitive game and although I really liked the concept and the quality of components and details of #Dice Throne which was also published by them, I just don't really want more 1v1 games on my shelf. I always come back to the thought that I'd likely just play #Magic: The Gathering instead if I were to do that. However, that's probably because my wife and I don't enjoy directly competitve games especially if it's just 1v1 but I do enjoy them with friends. I'm still very interested in seeing more but at the very least the graphics, art, and production quality looks phenominal as usual.

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25 hours ago

Normally I wouldn't be interested in this type of game, but Roxley productions are fantastic.  I will definitely be checking this one out.

28 hours ago

I still need to learn more about it, but initial impressions are good. Although I thought for a moment it said "Randland" and I got excited about a possible Wheel of Time game haha

25 hours ago

It's surprising that there hasn't been any WoT games.  I wonder if the upcoming Amazon series will make it a desirable IP.

22 hours ago

I hope so. I'd love to play a game set in that world.

Supporter32 hours ago

Yep, I looked into it a bit, and while I think it looks interesting I don't think it looks like it is for me.

46 hours ago

For a second I thought it was the sequel to Wasteland Express by Pandasaurus Games when I saw the title of the email. What a letdown! I am not really interested in 1v1 games and the market is saturated at this point. Interested to see what would make this game unique.

46 hours ago

Well the aesthetics and components look great, at least. I look forward to learning more about it.

Premium User2 days ago

I don't really play a lot of 1v1 games.  No one in my household is in to it and when I get together with my friends we want a group game.

So for me it's a pass even though it might be an excellent game.  

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