Top 10 Best Board Game Designers

We've created a unique set of data on Board Game Atlas and it gives us the chance to look at board game designers in a new way. This is the top 10 board game......

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Supporter25 days ago

Oh man the pronunciation in this is rough! Phil was right most of the time but needed to be more confident that he was actually right. 

26 days ago

 it's definitely pronounced ooo-vay lol. I don't know if I have a favorite designer but I will say I'm surprised that Stefan Feld and Vital Lacerda didn't make the list. 

Supporter25 days ago

That's good to know. It felt like one of those moments when I've read a book and thought the name was said one way but surprised to hear it out loud correctly the first time.

Supporter25 days ago

Yeah the lack of Feld and Lacerda was surprising

25 days ago

Guess we'll just have to start rating more games!

25 days ago

Do you think the list would have been closer to expected had expansions been excluded?

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