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Just migrated my collection over from BGG, and I was wondering how games that have been published under different names are handled. For example, I have Ducks in a Row in my collection but it is listed here under All Queens Chess.

Is there  a way to pick one name or another to display in your collection? Thank you for your help, and thanks for having me here!

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Partner5 months ago

Ducks in a Row is a version on BGG, the default title is All Queens Chess. If you search for Ducks in a Row, All Queens Chess will come up, but there isn't currently a way to select a version for your collection the way you can on BGG.

5 months ago


That would be a nice feature.

Owner5 months ago

This is interesting. We don't have the feature like mentioned but it is getting me to think about ways to implement this. Would having a way to customize the name of the game yourself be appealing or would you prefer to have it selecteable from a list of game approved alternate names similar to BGG?

5 months ago

I think picking from a list would be best - it would keep me from spelling games wrong. :)

Also, if you're looking at someone else's collection, you want games to come up as 'Agricola', not 'that game that Scott hates'. :) I think the 'add a note' feature gives users enough space to customize their entries.

Thank you for asking!

Supporter5 months ago

is the person who is most likely to be able to answer that question.

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