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Pan Am: First impressions - Like a great Cobb salad.


If you haven't tried the Santa Barbara Cobb from The Habit (California burger chain) it's a great salad with chicken and other bits. However, it's still a salad and I don't want that to be my main meal most of the time.

With #Pan Am I really enjoyed it and loved the theme a lot more than I expected, but it's not something I'm eagerly anticipating the next play through like I did with #Brass: Birmingham, #The Quest for El Dorado, and most recently #Obsession.

It was certainly worth getting and I give it a 4/5 but I likely will not be pulling it out again soon because of the other recent games that I have access to and haven't burnt out on yet.

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Owner35 days ago

There's got to be some sort of niche YouTube content for this lol

Edit: Were there any other games you got during those Target sales? I was most interested in this and #Horrified

Owner35 days ago

The only other one was #A Game of Cat & Mouth which is great in it's own way. I play it at least twice a week with my son.

35 days ago

Who did you play with? I can see this being very player driven. 

Owner35 days ago

I played with my wife which was lovely.

Supporter36 days ago

Short but informative. Great comparison. I really don't have any intention of picking this one up. 

Supporter36 days ago

I like that comparison of games to food.

Supporter36 days ago

Me too. It was the perfect comparison in this case because I was instantly able to understand what he was getting at. 

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