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Check out this epic new space exploration/combat game exclusive to Kickstarter backers!


Empire of the stars promises to be one of the best new board games to come along in a long time. Check out the details here:

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Supporter11 months ago

I didn't look at the rulebook. But the game looks nice. I do wonder though when the market will reach saturation with this sort of game. It sorta feels about how everybody used to talk about "trading in the mediteranion" but now it is 4x in space. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but I'm starting to feel like there are enough. 

11 months ago

I agree that there are a lot of 4x sci-fi games. What I’m excited about is the unique combat and the seven different roles you get to play throughout the game. I think it has enough unique elements to set it apart from the other 4x games out there. And the game designer has been making great games for decades so I’m expecting this to be worth backing. I actually backed it with the Emperor’s pledge. Here’s hoping it pays off!

Supporter11 months ago

Hope you love. And, I do agree, it looks interesting and has novel elements. 

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