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Soo... I'm all in on TMB haha. Didn't take long at all. I've only tried nugget once, and it was good fun, worlds apart from stanza. 

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Supporter9 months ago

This is an expensive whole you are falling into XD.

Supporter9 months ago

It is, but I really like the game and I'm getting a lot of plays in on this one. 

Supporter9 months ago

Sounds worth it then. Cheers.

Premium User9 months ago

That's awesome! I take it they're able to differentiate the characters enough to make buying new ones worth it?

are you thinking you'll eventually start picking up expansions as well?

9 months ago

I most likely will once I play through the other characters some more! The two characters that got are tops on my list a long with Ghillie!

Premium User9 months ago


Supporter9 months ago

Yep, very different and even the mechanics on some change a lot, like with Stanza and Tantrum. Others like picket fall into more traditional rpg roles/classes. But gearlocs are one of the main ways to have more variability in the game.

Premium User9 months ago

Sounds like a lot of fun :)

Owner9 months ago


When you say "worlds apart," do you mean that Nugget was much much better/fun? or that they're just very different in playstyle? And do you plan to get the original TMB?

Supporter9 months ago

very different playstyle. Both are very cool. Stanza has a more unique mechanic with the songs and is a very good support character. Nugget is a more well rounded character.  

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