BGA Feature #70 Officially Ranked Trending Games Are Now Live!


Earlier this week I finished the code to develop a ranking system to show off the "best games of all time" and every game search features the game's ranking. I've now completed the work to create a list of "Trending games" which are also ranked. The focus of this list is essentially to find the games that people are excited about right now and will change at a higher frequency from the "best games of all time" list.

The set of data we collect to generate this list is similar to the info that generates our ranking but there are 2 key differences. The trending data set is a rolling 7 days set of data and focuses more on page visits (now including page visits) and game mentions in comments.

I'm also tracking changes over time and will come up with a way to use that information in the future. What do you think of this list? Are the games you expect there? Are there ones missing that you thought should be trending?

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Premium User13 months ago

Cool! Will this replace the "Hot This Week" sorting in the current search page?

Owner13 months ago

Oh yes! Good pointing that out.

Supporter13 months ago

Awesome news.

13 months ago

Looks great, loving all the new ways to look at games. Also, I love how #Chess is trending! 

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