EXFIL: Overlooked Rules

Rule Question
This is a compilation of rules that often get overlooked:
  • Non-Combatants gain the benefits of cover.
  • Check for Civilians each time an Operator moves into a location.
  • You can spend luck to re-roll a complication die when checking for cover for yourself, a hostile you are engaged with, or a non-combatant that is in your location.
  • Draw a Sitrep card each time you move into a location/
    • Draw a Sitrep card for each exchange in an engagement.
    • You can spend a luck token to cancel hostile civilians on a Sitrep card.
    • You don't have to complete the Optional objective(s) to successfully complete a mission.
    • You can discard a card from your hand to gain 1 Movement point. You can do this up to two times on your turn.

    Edited to include updates from the latest upgrade on 9/13.

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    18 months ago

    little rules like this always get forgotten. good list!

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