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Epic Seven Arise – Anime-style RPG Becomes a Board Game

Board Games adapting video games are becoming a pretty standard element of the Kickstarter landscape. Many players keep on waiting for their favourite titles to transform from bytes to miniatures, dice and cardboard. While most of these are video games from PC and consoles, mobile games also get adapted into the non-electronic medium and many of them are quite successful.

Today we have a pleasure to preview a game based on the popular Epic Sevenfranchise, that launched on Android and iOS back in early 2017. It gathered quite a huge fan following and often topped the “most downloaded” charts thanks to over 8 million players.

The World of the Goddess

The world where Epic Seven takes place was torn by numerous wars. In one of them a god called Orbis fell while his sister Diche managed to survive. Crushed with sadness she turned his body into a brand new world, named after him. 

Meanwhile, another sibling of theirs, angry at the whole situation, sends an evil being called the Archdemon towards Orbis, hoping he will destroy it. Desperate Diche decides to solve the new problem by creating beings called “heirs”. Their goal is to save the world of Orbis and bring an end to...


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