Weekly Challenge #4: My Top 7ish "Games I've barely played"

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Not quite a shelf of shame, because I have played them, just not as much as I would have liked for . . . reasons:

  • #Bites My wife HATES this game (this will be the only one of these on the list), which it's crazy becasue she is so good at it. Maybe it's the theme? If it was cats instead of ants, or cars instead of food. six plays, played 2 games in a row, thrice.
  • #Best Treehouse Ever Got this to play with the kids, and they just wont play by the rules. They insist on just picking cards and designing the treehouse they would like. They like to play with this game, but not play it, so I have only played it mabye three times? Mind you, they playplenty of games just fine, but not this one.
  • #Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension  I love the game, but everyone else I play with hates the unpreditability. No matter how much I insist this is a situation where they have to play the game and the other players, so to speak.
  • #Hocus Card Game This is the only game I own with zero plays. I just can't convince people to give it a go. I may have to lie and say it's harrt Potter themed or some such nonsense.
  • #Imperial Settlers I'm pretty sure I love this game, but I've only played once, It didn't really zing with anyone I played it with. I tried to convince them that since it's an engine builder, they would like it more as they learn to play it better. But I think in my haste, that explanation sounded like an insult.
  • #Sidereal Confluence Just need more time. I've played three times (two of those were teaching games, and two of them had a player drop out, so haven't even scratched the surface with this one) since getting it earlier this year. This requires a larger player count, and a few hours, which I normally have, but physical distancing keeps this one shelved . . for now.
  •  #Town Builder: Coevorden I like it, but no one else I've played with seems to like it enough to play again. Playe three times, including when I was taught the game at SHUX
  • #Untold Adventures Await This one is different because I played it once, and don't want to play it again. I got it for my kids because they love telling stories. Just, long stories with no point, no conflict or resolution, just full of ninjas and unicorns, and songs. They enjoy #Rory's Story Cubes so I figured this will be a smal dunk. But they don't want to do all the housekeeping. Neither does my wife, or the babysitter, or nana. I told them if I was going to do all the work, I may as wel just DM an RPG for them.

So what games do you have in your collection that you have played, but only a few times, and want to play more of?

Honary mention: Crystal Heart RPG. This will be what we play when the current game ends. Based on the great webcomic: Up to Four Players

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10 months ago

I was just reading about #Sidereal Confluence (Remastered Edition) today and it looks like an amazing game and just up my street, the min player count of 4 might make it tricky, plus it seems like you need everyone to kind of commit to getting into it for it to really shine.

Premium User10 months ago

You do need everyone to be onboard, and it really will shine. Someone just made a how to play video (apparently there wasn't one), but I haven't checked it out yet.

10 months ago

Also, yes, although I often find with games that need people to invest, if people are willing to invest/commit then they can be some of the best experiences.

10 months ago

Stick the link here if you get the chance please!

10 months ago

Nice one, thanks!

Supporter10 months ago

For whatever reason I've only played#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure once. I really need to get that one played more. 

10 months ago

That is one I only heard about since comign onto this site a few months back, but it sounds like a whole bunch of fun

Supporter10 months ago

For me the game I think of is Impulse by Carl Chudyk. I really like it, but I've only gotten to play it twice. 

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