Rathskellers Modular Table - Launching on Kickstarter 06.OCT.2020


Hello Folks ! 

It's official, we are launching tomorrow 06.OCT.2020

Starting from

  • 999€ - Medium Table
  • 1.199€ - Large Table

This is our most affordable yet robust and modular gaming table to date.


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Premium User8 months ago

Becky has been mildly interested in getting a new kitchen table.  I'll have to check this out and see if it can double as a gaming table and kitchen table.  Probably the only way I get a supernice gaming table...lol

Partner8 months ago

Of course it can ! 

Check out a dining configuration in Cherry (with straight metal legs) & Maple (wooden angled legs) !

Premium User8 months ago

I too really need a new kitchen table. I don't think I could ever convince my fiance to have our kitchen table double as a gaming table..good luck to you sir haha

Premium User8 months ago

I dont think it will fly at my house either...but here's to trying...lol

Partner8 months ago

Also we have a big suprise for RPG fans :)



Premium User8 months ago

Love the style of the table in the photo!

Partner8 months ago

Also avaialbe in maple color !

In total (with the stretch goals available we have up to 12 different styles :)

Glad you enjoyed it !