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Can we have Boardgameprices back?

I am totally cool with you all trying to compete with BGG.  They probably need some competition right now and I think that is great and am doing my part trying to use you all some. 

Since Boardgameprices is gone though.. it really is me using either site less now. I know that your site has all the pricing but it isn't as easy to use as BoardGamePrices was. 

So, killing Boardgameprices is NOT pushing me into the arms of BoardgameAtlas and before I am gone for good maybe you should leverage ppl's interest in Boardgameprices better?  (keep the site up and use links all on the page that link back to BoardGameAtlas, etc.)

I'm sure you will do what you think is best and maybe I am the exception.  Maybe I'm not though?

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Partner37 days ago

Hi, what part is an extra click?

39 days ago

Thank you BJ and Indigo for answering.  I agree the game page has a nice graph and the prices. Thanks for the tip Indigo!

It is a few extra clicks and isn't as compact or quick to use as BGP was.  They could rebrand BGP's page and still have that format?  With links and content from BGA surrounding the useful info in BGP's UI.

Partner39 days ago

Up under your username, there's a new setting to Show Prices - it will show prices on search results and the top games lists, and also put the price table and price history up high on the game pages.

37 days ago

Still an extra click and not as useful(seemingly?).  I hope I continue to use it despite this.

Partner37 days ago

What part is the extra click? Maybe I can help.

37 days ago

BGP was search and boom.. prices. Here is search, then gamepage, then click on game name and THEN prices.  Am I missing something?  (Probably. Lol)

Edit: Also the UX was much more price focused and easier to discern and read for that, which if I am being honest, is the only reason I am going to come here for now.

Partner37 days ago

If you search for the game, either here

or at the top of the page, it should show you suggestions which you can click one to go to the game page directly (like BGP did). And with the Show Prices toggle on, the prices will be at the top of the screen and look something like this

If you search for Azul and get the full search results with thumbnails, you can also select one of them, similar to what BGP had (BGP was just in a grid pattern rather than a list pattern). 

The search bar on the redirect page has the cursor in it when you land so that it's ready for you to start typing, like BGP did.

Premium User39 days ago

I see where you're coming from as far as saving steps with the layout of the old BGP interface. But pricing is still listed, just have to look up the game you're interested in

39 days ago

I'm in agreement that since the site isn't focused on prices, the prices feel a bit buried.  But they are there if you look for them.  I hope over time BGA will find its legs and learn how to compete with BGG AND provide front-and-center pricing...the best of both worlds.  Meanwhile I use an iOS app that accesses boardgameprices info without the BGA interface...

Partner39 days ago

The first time I clicked here, I was surprised by the different interface. But now I get it -- I use this the same way as BGP.  I type the game in ... say "Magic Maze" ... the search bar.  It pops up on the list (just like the old BGP but without the current price.)  Then I click on the game and BOOM there is not only all the prices, but a cool comparison graph of how the prices have fared over the past few months. 

I do see your point -- when we type in the name of the game on the search bar, maybe BGA could add back the current lowest price right there in the results.  It's not something I need, since clicking on the game gives me a wealth of info about the prices right there, but I could see where it would save a step for people trying to quickly shop. 


Partner39 days ago

If you do a search in the top bar, and want to see prices in the search results, there's a "Show Prices" toggle in the left toolbar, as well as "exclude expansions" and "exclude accessories".

39 days ago

Would love to see this as default too or the ability to modify to my country 

Partner39 days ago

Perfect!! (That should be a default choice, IMO). Setting it  up right now. 

Partner39 days ago

I don't think it's "sticky", I think it has to be selected each time, but if that's something that would be useful, maybe it could be added. 

39 days ago

Another vote for making it the default, and remembering the last setting!  If you're trying to be an authority on board game prices, then always show them.  

Partner39 days ago

Dang, you are right. It is not 'sticky." That is definitely something I would want BGA to add. 

Supporter39 days ago

I'm in full agreement.