Some rating system questions


I am pretty new to BGA, so forgive me if this is already explained somewhere that I have missed:

I was wondering if the rating system for games on BGA is just a straight mean of all the scores (although it translates star rating 1-5 into a 1-100 score seemingly?) a games is given or if there is a more complicated system at play (not that complicated would necessarily mean better)?

Similarly how do 'rating' and 'popularity' differ on BGA

I was looking at the highest rates games and a good majority were expansions. I was wondering about the inevitable bias these will receive: if someone likes the game enough to buy an expansion they are likely to also enjoy the expansion (obviously not always but an expansion will be naturally filtering in a way that a base game is less likely to) and if anyone had thoughts on if/how to accommodate this in the rating system?

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Owner9 months ago

@trentellingsen will probably need to clarify some of your questions but I can address some of them.

First - yes, the star rating system is directly converted into a 1-100 score system. We're planning to change into the 1-100 point scale system eventually. And it's currently a straight mean as you described, just a simple average of everyone's scores. In the future, we want to address issues with users who give poor ratings on games they haven't even played.

Trent can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he determined popularity based on looking up the number of times a game is mentioned in the boardgames subreddit. We're working on developing our own system for determining popularity though. Rating is based on user ratings/scores. And honestly, it's my first time checking our the "highest rate" page haha, and that does look very odd. I'd personally prefer seeing the base game only, or at least give them more priority.

Premium User9 months ago

Question for @trentellingsen or @philryuh, but as far as I can tell, it's just a straight mean (converted to a 1-100 scale instead of a 1-5). For example, #Oceans has a total of 36 stars and 9 reviews. That's an average of 4 stars per review, which translates to 80/100.

I do agree that it would be nice to filter out expansions in some of the list/search views.

9 months ago

Thanks for explaining, I figured that would be the case. I was also wondering if there was any added weight given when something reached a certain threshold of ratings: to prevent a game with three 5 star ratings getting a score of 100?