BGA Feature #91 Gold Reactions Now Available!


We've just added in a new tab for reactions! This is the gold tab which has 3 new reactions (so far) that cost gold. So if you want to give special appreciation to a great post or comment you can use your gold to do that now! Over time we'll be adding a lot more reactions to this as well.

The gold reactions are special in one other way that once given, cannot be changed.

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Premium User43 days ago

Nicely gone.  Gives another use to that gold I've been piling up. :)

Supporter43 days ago

Cool idea!

Premium User44 days ago

Do you just pay gold for them once like the avatars or do you have to pay per use?

Owner44 days ago

It's pay per use.

Premium User44 days ago

Well I guess I'll say goodbye to my gold now :P

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