How do we change the pervasive negative attitudes in Kickstarters?

I feel that although most people are cordial and having fun in Kickstarter projects, there is an ever-growing pervasive number of negative people.  I've even found myself being more critical at times.

Have backers become more comfortable, more expecting, more demanding?

Lastly, people have to realize that these companies can do next to nothing about the rising shipping costs. That is the price to have a logistics company involved in the pick, pack, and ship process. And believe me, you don't want delivery without the logistics company.

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Supporter10 months ago

It is a vicious circle. Many companies are becoming cynical about what the gamer wants, theys see, mini's bring money, so lets add minis...... Furthermore, they remove components, or gameplay rules, and hide them away in stretch goals, to get more money. I recognize that companies need to make money, and I want them to do so. I also think that Kickstarter has a valid and important use in the hobby, though I think it is overused. But, I think that the cynicism of companies is feeding the cynicism of gamers and vice versus.

Premium User10 months ago

It's a tough market and with America slowly breaking ties with oter countries costs will only continue to rise as a result.  Game publishers who try to make quality game parts will have to raise prices as those parts will cost more than in the past.  Many consumers also have a higher expectation than is warranted.  I backed Crikinole recently and shipping was $40.  I also ship beer and games across country for trades and I know that $40 shipping for a box that size is about right.  It might actually be a pretty good deal to be honest as I've generally paid $50-60 for something that large and heavy.  If a consumer is expecting free shipping on a product that generally runs $200-300 ($99 on Kickstarter!) then their expectations are out of order.