CMON Reveals "Marvel Zombies A Zombicide Game" As Their 50th Kickstarter

After teasing a big announcement for several days, the CMON team revealed today their biggest campaign is coming soon and it will be a Marvel Zombicide game. This is not a reskinned #Zombicide. It will take all the mechanics that make Zombicide great but will be a brand new experience.

Based on the 15-year-old comic book series, you play as superheroes that have been infected to become Zombies. You must feed your hunger and complete your own objectives on your quest for world domination. 

There is no release date yet only that it is "coming to Kickstarter soon". Follow it here.

The 1-hour live stream was full of art reveals and spoilers, as well as, a trailer. Check out both below:

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15 days ago

I love the anti-hero nature of this. They went out of there way to make it clear you are not trying to save anyone, you are trying to destroy the world. I love the take.

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