Century: Golem Edition - An Endless World announced by Plan B Games


Here's the last game in the Century: Golem Edition trilogy which is a retheme of #Century: A New World. Sure is amazing how a simple retheme can make a game so much more popular!

Does anyone have experience with the Century games that have more complexity than the original #Century: Golem Edition? I believe this new game involves worker placement.

Here's the link to the announcement on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/planbgames.info/photos/a.1784804978510251/2694684930855580/?type=1&theater

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Premium User11 months ago

I'd love to give this (and the 2nd game in the trilogy) a shot, but I'll probably wait until it comes down a bit from $40. I love the idea of combining 2 or 3 games to make an entirely new game. We have and love the first game in the Golem trilogy, so we have high hopes for the next two!

11 months ago

We have both #Century: Golem Edition and #Century: Golem Edition – Eastern Mountains and will definitley be picking this one up.  From reviews of the Spice Road edition, people seem to think the 3rd game of the trilogy is the best.  We have yet to try putting both games together but maybe when we get the 3rd we will do a mega game :)

Supporter11 months ago

Beautiful as usual. 

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