Happy Thanksgiving (US)! What do you hope to play this weekend with family and friends?

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We're getting an early start to our holiday weekend today (Tuesday) by driving 6+ hours to visit my younger brother and his family in Idaho.  Our son will be joining us there (almost halfway) from his first semester in college in Eastern Idaho.  My sister-in-law said 'bring some games'.  (Of course I asked first.)


So, what games do you hope to play with family and friends this holiday weekend, whenever yours begins?


I'm taking a few games to share.  Since I don't know their game experience, I'm taking a mix of games and unsure how many will actually be played over the next four days:

#Downforce easy one to introduce to non-gamers and plays up to 6. You are betting on a car race.  You can win even if your own car doesn't come in first place.

#King of Tokyo yahtzee meets Godzilla.  Another easy game to introduce and plays up to 6. Roll dice, attack other monsters, try to claim Tokyo and survive.

#Draftosaurus drafting dino-meeples.  Fun short game that's also easy to teach.

#Bandido play cards to prevent the bandit from tunneling an escape. Simple concept, you win some-you lose some, quick game with few rules.

#Five Crowns my sister-in-law said she liked simple card games, so this on is for her and my wife. Five suite deck of rummy-style play. Goes ten rounds, each round with a different wild card, and play all cards from your hand to go out. Unplayed cards cost you points.  A family and friend favorite.

#Qwixx easy dice game. Every player can mark a number on their score pad on another player's turn which eliminates down time between player turns.  Mark off numbers on your score pad from left to right.  Game ends when one of two conditions have been met, then add up your points based on how many numbers have been crossed out on your pad.

#Just One easy party game for up to 7 players, the more players the easier it is to win. Play with 13 cards. Active player chooses a word on their card (they don't get to see it) by stating a number between 1-5. All players write a clue word on their easel to help the player guess the unknown word. Any duplicate clues are turned face-down before active player sees remaining clues and tries to guess the word.  Keep the card for a team point if guessed correctly, lose the card if you pass, and lose the card plus another card if guessed incorrectly.  Trying for most points out of 13.

#Cartographers Heroes this one is really for me. I've got both games and five of the six expansion maps. I really like this game. You're drawing a map based on shapes and terrains from played cards. Four scoring cards, each scored twice over four seasons. Monster cards are drawn on your neighbor's map, and heroes can destroy monsters. I like using colored pencils (although the yellow for fields can be hard to see on some expansion maps). Did I say I really like this game?

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Moderator Level 15 days ago

I seriously doubt we'll play anything on Thanksgiving, but that isn't going to deter me from trying haha. We're going to my parents and they don't usually play games with us. My brothers will be there (though one isn't going to be sticking around for long) and they would be down to play something I'm sure. In my quest to play all my unplayed games, I'll probably bring #Pictomania (Second Edition) and #SiXeS with me as they are both light party style games that everyone should be able to get into if they choose. I might also bring #The Quest for El Dorado cause my dad played that with my younger brother and I last Christmas and seemed to have a good time. 

Moderator Level 15 days ago

That's always hope for some games, right? Hopefully Quest for El Dorado is enticing enough to get some to the table. 

Moderator Level 16 hours ago

I actually played more than I thought I would!

6 days ago

Don't feel bound by the 13 cards stated in the Just One rules. We generally play without such a limit and indeed without keeping score. Such a relaxed approach might be even more appropriate for an 'occasional gaming' group. Removing formality from social gatherings has generally worked better for us.

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Great suggestion!

Moderator Level 16 days ago

I was instructed to bring some games, haha. We'll probably bring 3 or 4 games. There will be 6 of us, which means any of the party games we have would work. I'll definitely be bringing #Camel Up (Second Edition) as a light strategy game that works well, and probably #Codenames as well. #King of Tokyo is a good idea, so I'll probably pack that too. #Love Letter is always easy to pack too. Will this be the time we play #Deep Sea Adventure? We still haven't even done a test round, haha.

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Those are some fun games!

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Yep! Unfortunately my wife has come down with something and now it's looking likely that we won't go anywhere at all, haha

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Oh, no! Hope she feels better quickly. 

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Thanks! Me too

2 days ago

Wasnt sure I was going to get anything played, cause we usually dont, but had a pretty good day of gaming after all.

  1. 3 player game of #Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion we did both sides of the board and did a final sum.  Youngest won the first game for his first win in about 10 races.  He was pretty happy about that.
  2. Taught #Memoir '44 and we did the first scenario twice, once as each side.  I ended up losing the total medal count 6 - 5 but had a pretty good time.  Hopefully, I can get farther than the 1st scenario at some point.
  3. Managed to get a 3 player game of #War Room doing the Pacific scenario.  Took 4 hours (starting at 9pm) and while Japan was able to capture Pearl Harbor and E. Australia I wasn't able to do both at the same time so the game was going to result in Japan having to sue for peace in round 9.  Such a fun experience. 

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Nice! Great times, and always fun to see the younger ones win after a long steak like that. 

New User3 days ago

On Thanksgiving, I sincerely doubt that we will play any games, but it won't stop me from trying, hehe. We're visiting my parents, who don't frequently engage in games with us. My brothers will be there (although one won't be staying around for long), and I'm sure they'd be up for playing something. I'll probably bring #Pictomania (Second Edition) and #SiXeS with me in my quest to play all of my unplayed games because they are both simple party games that anyone should be able to get into if they so choose.

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Enjoy time with family, and good luck getting a game to the table. 

4 days ago

I'll probably bring out some easy party games since my family isn't very versed in the hobby. It'll probably be some #Codenames: Pictures#Sushi Go Party! and #Dixit. Hoping I can teach them to play #Formula D to get a slightly heavier game going but we'll see how it goes.

Moderator Level 14 days ago

Hoping you have some fun and get some of these to the table. 

5 days ago

Good picks! #Downforce is a good one for normies. Make sure you use the betting variant!

I've got a date with my 18xx group on Sunday. I'll take my usual beating, but it'll be a learning experience as always. :)

We're hosting folks tonight through Saturday afternoon, so I hope to get some games in somewhere. We'll have 10+, so maybe #WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game, my two copies of #FITS, or #Wits & Wagers.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Sounds like some fun!