Feedback Friday! (2020-08-28)


For those who are new, this is a weekly post where you can share your feedback on all things related to Board Game Atlas. You can also find more information in this article where I walk through the various features on BGA.

How's everyone doing? Are you enjoying the recent additions such as the Discover page and the Deals page? Is there a specific type of content that you'd like to see from us? Also, Trent will start producing videos highlighting the top 10 games or designers or publishers in the Discover section.

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Premium User11 months ago

Maybe this is just me, but with the challenges, it seems to me that many of the posts are sort of the same 3 or 4 questions rephrased in slightly different ways, so I wonder if it would be better to limit it to 1 entry a day? That way there might be a little more variety in the questions/discussions that get posted, and other non-challenge posts won't have as hard a time fighting for visibility. If I'm the only one who feels this way, I'll shut up, haha.

Owner11 months ago

I've felt similarly about it but just wasn't sure how others feel. Also the reason why I was trying to think of writing up some articles to mix things up haha

11 months ago

I think one thing that is maybe tricky with trying to prevent that is that it relies on people having read every challenge post in order to avoid any 'plagiarism', so while reducing the number of posts would help a little it doesn't really tackle the root of the issue, I know even with how active I am at the moment, I don't read everything that pops up on BGA. I know I try to come up with novel concepts for articles/questions or make it quite personal to avoid it but I am sure I have created similar content to others. However, when you say 'wishlist' or 'solo', I imagine a lot of similar ideas will jump to the forefront of a lot of people's heads.

I don't really have much of a solution (and I am not against limiting the number of posts) but I wonder if it's inevitable that there will be crossover and maybe that's not the worst thing. My thoughts on a particular aspect of that catergory will be shaped by the lense that I look through life with whereas yours (even if they are similar) will undoubtedly have some valuable insight that will differentiate. Now, it could be that those thoughts get posted as a comment in the article I wrote (for example) but is it so awful if they instead go in a fresh article instead? I don't know that anyone would complain about having two similar comments on an article.


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Premium User11 months ago

Cool, yeah I'm interested to see others chime in on this as well. And I always enjoy reading your articles so I say go for it either way haha

11 months ago

So this post really intrigued me (I wrote an initial reaction below) so I decided to go through this week's articles so far and see how much commonality there was between them. Now, grouping these articles is highly subjective so you may disagree with what I have done. I tried not to bias myself and there are many articles I group that I feel are significantly different in content.

However, here are my findings:

At the time of writing there were 48 articles tagged under this week's challenge.

I identified 20 broad topics (in my opinion) between those articles, with most only having 1 or 2 artcles written on them. Only 2 categories had more than 3 articles and those were 'My Wishlist' Articles (of which there are 12) and Articles about 'How things get onto your wishlist' (of which there are 6). I feel like 'My wishlist' articles are very personal and so I don't see any issue with allowing everyone to write their own. Similarly how you choose what goes on your wishlist is somewhat personal and fairly broad and significant to the concept of wishlists, however, could see you feeling like this was repetitive.

It could be that previous challenges had greater repetition or that you feel like my catergories are too specfic and you would group articles much more than I did: again, this is purely subjective, but I thought it was interesting to look at and wonder if there isn't a little confirmation bias creeping in? I.e. having seen a couple of articles that seem similar and forming this hypothesis you are then only noting when there has been a similar article and ignoring when more unique articles appear? Again, I am really not trying to put down the point you made: Your inputs are always valued and interesting and am all for trying to encourage unique and interesting posts. So please don't take this as an attack of any sort and confirmation bias is absolutely something that I (and I think the human race) tends to do on a regular basis and I am not claiming to know how you think, only asking. 

Would be really interested to hear what you think :D

Premium User11 months ago

Haha, I love the fact that you did this analysis! I definitely see your point, and it could be true that there's a little confirmation bias, I don't know, but even after considering that, I think I still that the forums would've been better off with fewer posts with "wishlist" in the title this past week. At the end of the day, I think there's really only so many interesting things that can be said about wishlists, and the same can go for some other topics that have been challenges and some that probably will become challenges.

I also think there's something to the fact that Phil and Marsh chimed in here in some level of agreement, which shows I'm not the only one who feels like this. Again, if I'm in the minority, I've got no problem with it. It's awesome to see so much activity in the forums, but I think sometimes less is more in terms of quantity vs. quality.

11 months ago

Well, I figured it was worth checking if my own impressions had any evidence to back them up before just leaping in. Plus, it was actually quite enjoyable to look back on all the articles from that week.

I totally relate to the feeling that there are A LOT of articles on wishlists/solo-gaming etc. (and as I said in my inital response am not opposed to a reduction in posts per day). My point of disagreement was more that I didn't feel it was 'same 3 or 4 questions rephrased in slightly different ways' but rather than a lack of creativity or variance in the articles it was that talking about 'Wishlists' for a week would understandably feel tiresome to some people. Same as if you were to discuss car tires or the foraging patterns of racoons for a week. Regardless of how interesting or varied the discussion, the incessant-ness of it will grind you down.

Premium User11 months ago

Yes that's basically what I was getting at, but I didn't articulate it well. We'll see how it goes with limiting the max entries per day to 1. I think at a certain point, BGA will get too popular and will have to change up how these challenges/contests work, otherwise unrelated posts truly will get buried under all of the challenge posts. Although once there's a critical mass of people here and posting, I imagine the challenge giveaways will stop altogether, as they're meant to drive engagement. Hopefully they still do giveaways in some other form though!

10 months ago

Yeah, I imagine you could continue to reduce it, to like one post a week to keep it going a little longer but eventually there will just be too many. But then maybe you could switch to comments on articles linked to the weekly challenge rather than just counting articles. That way you would have fewer articles and (hopefully) fuller discussion on each of them?

But yes, I think we are on braodly the same page on this :)

11 months ago

So here is how I broke it down in case you were interested. The last two collumns were just to see how the averages per topic changed if you removed the two categories which had vastly higher numbers of articles: especially the 'my wishlist' articles as I feel like those aren't copies of each other as everyone will have very different lists and it is valuable for everyone to be able to contribute in this way.

Supporter11 months ago

I here about the challenges, and maybe I have even contributed to that....The other side point about limiting the entries, is it might encourage more posts. I know I feel less like making a random post if I have already posted once or twice for the challenge. If you were to further limit the entries, it might encourage more variety of posts.

I haven't done enough yet on the discover and deals pages, but I do like the direction they are headed.

I would really like to see some of the ideas for wishlists outlined here acted upon. I think there was great discussion in that post, and some great idea. 


11 months ago

So, there used be a little box at the side linked to the standard BGA giveaway that showed you how many entries you had to that giveaway. That has now been replaced with the more general giveaway box. While, I don't feel any need to know how many 'entries' I have I actually found it really interesting to see how active I had been in the last week. I wonder if somewhere there could be a tracker for how active (number of posts, comments etc.) you had made in the last week/month/year, or a graph tool could be cool

11 months ago

I'm rather new but I've been making my way around.

Congrats on the smooth working website and rich content!

  • I love that it grows but I enjoy that it is still small and more personal :)
  • The Discover section is a very cool feature to dig in!
  • The sleek white 'n' blue design is easy on the eyes and mind. I think it might be even just a bit too  simplicistic and often feels like "a bunch of white words on blue background" in the nav etc. I think I just miss a little iconography here and there. 
  • I think that the avatars are a bit small and need more options to start to know people.
    On fora, I recognize people by avatar. 
  • It takes a while for a message to finish posting. just -that- bit too long.
  • The cascading comments would be a a bit less chatoic is the username, title and time was in blue instead of light gray.


Supporter11 months ago

Just curious if you have tried the forum on dark mode. I haven't looked back since I switched to that. 

11 months ago

good point, the cascading comments look more structured in dark mode

Supporter11 months ago


11 months ago

I came here to mention that it'd be nice to have more options to filter and sort lists of board games, and then noticed the options for the full list of games under the Popular Games section was more built out than I expected.  The options for ordering the results in the Lists section are very limited in comparison, but I'd guess that's already on the backlog.  A small feature that's common to many sites would be a way to prioritize items on wishlists and then use that prioritization as a part of sorting or filtering.

The Discover section is great; looking forward to seeing that built out further in the future.

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