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14 months ago

Its getting hot out there people get yourself a jumbo size Jenga game. Fun for parties and something most every age can play.

14 months ago

I'm looking for a not-so-pricey game for a large group! 

  • A party game
  • The same vibes as codenames, mafia, etc., but ideally something unique and new 

Supporter14 months ago

Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack is fun. It is more of a social lubricant than a game.

Dixit can play up to 12 with an expansion. I'd say this falls into the Codenames arena. I highly suggest this one.

Coup is my favorite hidden role game. I like it because you don't have to lie. Some people just can't lie. This game allows them to play (and even win) too.

14 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions!I played Telestrations once last summer and my friends and I still talk about some of the ridiculous drawings that came out of that game hahaHmm... if you had to choose between Dixit & Coup, which one would you choose?

Supporter14 months ago

I play Dixit a lot more. It is not a 'take that' game. There is no player elimination. It has broad appeal to non-gamers.

Coup is better if you have a group that wants to kill each other (in the gaming sense).

14 months ago

haha we're a competitive bunch, so Coup might be the one for us

Supporter14 months ago

I don't know anything about secret Hitler, but I have seen larger groups really enjoying that one as well. Two rooms and a boom is another one I tried. Not my type of game but perhaps for your group.

13 months ago

Do you feel a shiver in your hands? You suspect that your nerves have been a little shaky lately? Do not worry! The medicine is right in front of you! The therapeutic effect of the board game "Tower (Genga, Janga)" is obvious! If you do not immediately turn your hands into super-precise manipulators, and the pranking nerves into steel ropes - you can never win this exciting and gambling game!

There are many interesting options here.