Online Board Games – 4 Best Places to Play

Game Design

A mailman arrives and with a santa-like smile, he places a huge, heavy parcel straight onto your hands. You feel the weight, say your goodbyes, set the box on a table and upack. Slowly, a new board game appears from within in all its cardboard glory. You tear the foil away, lift the upper cover, look inside at all the hours of fun that are to be had… and realize that you have noone to play with.

Ever been in a situation like that? I know I was. Many of my friends aren’t into heavy games, and my better half refuses to play anything with strong negative interaction. What to do in cases like that? Looking for fellow players on FB groups or visiting a local game store is a neat idea but for the time being you can… go online.

Playing Board Games Online

Apps allowing to play board games online are numerous, and while they lack the pure pleasure of interacting with cardboard and other box components, they’re a great way to play a session or ten when you have nobody interested around.

They’re also great when you want to practice your skills at some games, or to check if a title you’re interested in is actually worth buying.

Today I’d like to talk about 4 ways to play board games online, each offering a varying degree of freedom, unique features and available at different platforms.

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