Launch Set to Silence: A Lesson in KS Marketing


Another rugby game!? A little bit ago I asked about any rugby games. I hadn't heard of any. Then one hit Kickstarter shortly thereafter. Now, this.

I would love to see this fund, but I randomly stumbled upon it without hearing anything prior. Such a quiet launch, I'm not sure it'll get the traction it needs... This--and other games launched in similar fashion--is a good reminder to anyone Kickstarting a game that they need to advertise before pressing that Launch button. Get your audience excited before it goes live. And in this case, probably make sure you have an audience. As much as I love the sport, I don't know if there are enough gaming rugby folks around to see this to fruition. Definitely a niche market. 

What are some other KS games you thought would be good but had a lackluster launch?

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Supporter13 months ago

Crisis at Steamfall Is one for me. It did fund but not at the level that I thought it deserved. 

13 months ago

I hadn’t heard of this before, but after cruising through it’s BGG listing, it does look interesting. Too bad it didn’t do better. 

Owner13 months ago

I just checked out the campaign, and it sure seems to be having a tough time.

I don't back games on Kickstarter so I can't name any campaigns, but I do look at campaigns out of curiosity every now and then. And besides the main campaign page, I tend to glance over at the "Comments" and the "Updates" area and use that as a sign of audience engagement.

Even if the campaign seems to be put together well, when I see these numbers are low (creator isn't putting up many updates and/or users aren't commenting much), then that immediately turns me away with the thought that (1) the creator isn't too involved or experienced and (2) there isn't much in the game's quality or marketing that's attracting people's interest.

13 months ago

Yeah, I don't back a lot of Kickstarters. Mostly Gamelyn Games and the occasional other, which is one every other year or so. But this backer for the actual game. I daresay for a game like this, there needed to be a whole lot of marketing done ahead of time. It looks good, but with absolute silence about the launch and so far during the campaign, it really isn't a good sign. Shame, really.

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