What themes and mechanics are perfect pairs?


Are there any games out there that have a perfect combination of Mechanic and Theme?

As we all know a game that has this combination has the potential to become one of the all time great games. 

Here are a few that I thought seemed like a perfect pairing:

#Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition and deck building. 

Building your deck in MK encapsulates the process of growing stronger over time. As your character grows you add new and more powerful cards to your deck which in turn helps you do more each and every round. It's such a logical progression and feels like the perfect way to handle this theme.


#Gaia Project and Player Boards with Upgrades 

We discussed this mechanic early in the week where players remove components from their boards which reveal bonuses to their gameplay as they go. I feel like this mechanic pairs perfectly with the theme of growing your empire in GP. As you build and replace buildings you really get a sense of a culture building and growing their empire. And it creates incredible decision making spaces as well as you agonize over the choice to replace a mine or which structure to upgrade.


So that's only a couple of games that I could come up with off the top of my head. What are some examples that you can come up with?


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10 months ago

The first time people play #Flamme Rouge, the often say "it feels like an actual bicycle race".  The slipstreaming, the jockying for position, sparing your energy - it's all so intuitive to the theme. 

Partner10 months ago

Camels + Racing = #Camel Up

Too many races + Territory Control = #Small World

Dinner Building + Card Drafting = #Sushi Go Party!

Haunted House + Traitor Game = #Betrayal at House on the Hill

Iconic Monsters + King of the Hill = #King of Tokyo

Bean Farming + Trading = #Bohnanza: Bohna Nostra

Trains + Route Building = #Ticket To Ride

I could do this all day...


10 months ago

I really like the buildings in #Great Western Trail, I think they do a great job of capturing the expansion west and slowly ramp up the game as more and more buildings are added: that the road gets both more litttered with opportunity ut similarly harder to navigate wisely is a lot of fun. In fact, so many of the mechanical elements feel very on theme in that game, one of the reasons I love it so much.


Supporter10 months ago

I think sending your workers out to grow your winery in #Viticulture: Essential Edition seems to make a lot of sense.  Outsdie of them not being able to do certain things.

Like... umm sorry boss can't harvest your fields because another guy already harvested his fields, haha!

10 months ago

Nowhere near as heavy, but my first thought was #Sushi Go Party!. Something about the drafing in that game really does make me feel like I am taking sushi off a train/conveyor belt at a sushi restaurant. 

Supporter10 months ago

As soon as I read this title I thought of Star Trek: Frontiers for the same reason as you mentioned MK. 

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