Which games have you rated 10/10?


I'm curious, what are some games you've rated as 10/10? And what does it take for a game to receive that rating?

As for me, I'll have to look through my own list of played games and also make sure to rate the ones I haven't reviewed yet. I tend to be very conservative in my ratings because I like to give judgment relative to all other games I've played.

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I have 7 games ranked a 10/10.

For me, for a game to get a 10/10 I am judging several things.

  • I try to determine that the game is trying to accomplish, and how good a job it does at accomplishing that. If I feel like it does a perfect job at doing what it is trying to do, that is good.
  • I have to love the game.
  • My rankings tend to be pretty fluid. I will generally revisit the ranking after every play, at least for the first 10-15 plays. So, my ranking will, necessarily take into account an increasing body of experience. There are games that started out at a 10, but have been downgraded, for instance, #Spirit Island started out as a 10. But, 10 plays into it, I downgraded it to a 8.

I have 7 games currently ranked a 10 out of 10.

  1. #Scythe This started out as a 8 or so, but it has climbed to a 10.
  2. #Navajo Wars, I have only 3 plays in, but each one has been mindblowing.
  3. #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties. I have only played it solo, but it does present a super intriguing solo puzzle playing that way. I can see that if I can figure out how to actually play it really well, it might drop some. I imagine by that time, I will get to play it multiplayer as well. I hope so anyway.
  4. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition). This is just such a great game. It worms it's way into your mind, and lives there.
  5. #Pax Porfiriana. Same as #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) but it feels more thematic.
  6. #Star Trek: Frontiers. I have a bit of a hard time seeing this one dropping. There just aren't that many games that offer so much crunch in such an engaging way.
  7. #Race for the Galaxy. This is THE perfect tableau builder, at least for me. There is literally  not a single thing, not even the art, that I would change about this game.

Owner13 months ago

Awesome, it's interesting to see how your ratings have changed over time. And seeing all of the comments in this post are giving me another nudge to try #Scythe soon.. oh and definitely giving #Race for the Galaxy a go on my phone app.

I had to look back on your Top 10 list to see how it compares. I was curious whether some of your Top 10 games are not necessarily your "top rated" games but are on there as a result of more personal/subjective reasons that you might've chosen to leave out in your ratings.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I don't think I have any "10's" that aren't in my top ten. That being said, I do have a few games that are almost 10's and aren't in my top 10.

#Codenames is my  number 35, and it comes in at a 9.5 for me. I don't remember why it isn't a ten. it isn't the type of game that I love, but I think it is a great game that I reallyl do enjoy.

#Catch Phrase! is my number 21 and I have it ranked as a 9-9.5, for all the same reasons as #Codenames.

#Agricola (Revised Edition)  is my number 14, and it comes in at a 9.5. I think it should actually probably be a 10.

I think that I might have one or two more that are almost 10's but that aren't in my top 10.

Supporter13 months ago

Race on the phone app is only a 5/10 for me. You lose so much in the transition to digital. 

13 months ago

Thanks for trying to describe the criteria for a game to meet the 10/10 metric. I think your first point is a pretty nuanced view; sometimes games go in a different direction from where we might want them to go, and it may be unfair to hold that against them.

Moderator Level 113 months ago

It is nuanced, and games can very much be different than where we wish they would go. However, I do try to determine what the game wants to be. Not what I think the game wants to be. In the end it is less important whether or not a game went where I went it to go, than whether or not the game seemed to go where the designer wanted it to go. 

13 months ago

I hate you for this post.  :D  

I don't know that I can rate anything at a 10.  Let me really think hard and try.

Honorable Mentions (Or sooooo close)



#Sentinels of the Multiverse

#Nemo's War (Second Edition)

#Star Wars: Rebellion

#Spirit Island

The only one I'd put at an absolute 10 for me, meaning I could find no flaw in gameplay was #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

Owner13 months ago

Late on this, but wow. I've been more and more interested in Eclipse so I have several questions:

  • How long did it usually take for you to play?
  • What were the player counts? I'd mostly be playing at 2p with my wife
  • How thematic is the gameplay? Does it have an epic feeling?

13 months ago

Great questions.

It takes roughly 45 minutes per player.  Which means a full six player game clocks in at 4-5 hours.  Yes it's an epic title and an 'event game'.

Due to the pandemic I've only been able to play simulated beyond 2 players.  But even the simulations have proven to me this will be my 'event game' of 2021.

2p is mostly a solitaire affair with some cross over and influence between you towards the end.  But it does play well and you'll both get the 'full experience' without an encroaching empire on your borders.

Thematicly its great, each empire is assymetric enough to make you feel like you're playing something different but not so much so that we need to create a tier list of the different factions.  The SUSD review is spot on regarding combat, you're not always certain how this vs that is going to turn out and sometimes its a fuzzy concept on who will win.

In my opinion, if you're looking for an Epic Space Game experience here's your game.  I'm not fond of the 'politics and struggle in TI4', if I want that, I'll play DUNE.  What Eclipse has is a very mechanically brilliant epic space drama of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and some conflict, though not extermination. 

And a large portion of that brilliance is around the exploitation phase for both gaining resources, funding a sprawling empire, and researching your next breakthrough; that you just need one more turn to get in order to accomplish your goal while your opponent just scored another victory point using masses of ships, are you sure that's what you want to do this turn?


13 months ago

Just realized that I'm pretty stingy with giving out 10 ratings.  I only have 4 and only 1 made my top 20 games of 2020 list.  Here they are in alphabetical order.

  • #Azul - Such a great game that plays great with all player counts.  The game play is simple yet complex enough to provide actual decisions on  your turns.  I love the way the game changes with player count.  With 2 it tends to be a lot more mean as you can make moves that will hurt the other players score, but with 4 you are almost always better off just playing to maximize your score.  #Azul: Summer Pavilion made my top 20
  • #Clank!: Sunken Treasures - My favorite expansion for #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure (which did make my top 20 and part of the reason is this expansion).  If you enjoy base Clank, you'll love everything about this expansion.
  • #Dice Throne: Season Two - Tactician vs. Huntress - This is probably my favorite of the Dice Throne sets that I"ve played to this point.  I enjoy Dice Throne but looking at this today, this is probably ranked to high and I would probably drop to an 8.5 or 9 instead of a 10.  It takes a lot of skill to play both of these characters well.
  • #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 - I loved everythign that this game did.  It still has some of my best, most memorable moments in gaming.  This game made my Honorable mentions list for top 20 in 2020 but only cause I wasn't sure on how to best rank Legacy games.  Would have been top 10 if ranked.

My 9.5's

Owner13 months ago

Late on this! What's your rating on #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated? The legacy aspect slows down the typical fast placing of Clank! but I thought the story element was implemented really well.

I've taken interest in #This War Of Mine: The Board Game every now and then but I'm not sure how I'll feel about the theme. I've yet to play a game with a "heavy" theme like it.

13 months ago

I've got Clank Legacy rated as an 8.5 at the moment.  We are only 3 missions in and that feels like its probably going to go up to a 9 or 9.5 by the time we're done with it.  That 8.5 was after the first mission.

This War of Mine is a really good game with a realistic and intense theme that can be off-putting for some.  There are ways to make the theme a little more gentle by removing some of the more intense events from the decks but I've never played that way.  I've also never won but I have really enjoy my plays of it.  It plays great solo but I think its honestly better as a group of 3 people. 

Owner12 months ago

I've been going down the road of getting more and more into solo games, so that's why I've taken interest in #This War Of Mine: The Board Game every now and then. Besides the theme, my only other concern is that I like games with low setup time (helps get over my laziness! lol)

I'll be more willing to get past setup time if the gameplay is compelling and has memorable moments (as I suspect This War Of Mine probably does)

12 months ago

Yeah this War of Mine gives you plenty of memorable moments.  I have several that I still remember a couple of years later. 

13 months ago

This is a good question Phil! I think it is easy to have a knee jerk reaction and say the newest and shiniest game is the best game ever (I fully admit I fall into this lol)! With that said here are the 10's on my list so far with some reasoning:

  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - the experience has been such a delight. It fills a solo game hole for me of having a meaty experience in roughly an hour with minimal set up and everything is so satisfying about the game. The multiplayer has been fun too but I have only played at 2-player so far.
  • #Too Many Bones - I have loved every second of my fiddly TMB experience. The game is so quirky and fun, I love rolling seven or eight dice and resolving the craziness. This is mostly rated at a solo experience as well thought my multiplayer games of it have been super fun too. There is a lot to explore here still too. 
  • #The Quacks of Quedlinburg - This game has been such a win for so many different groups I have played with. Parents, non-gamer friends, date nights. It is just pure fun and I love the depth that the different books create. I have gotten really good at teaching the game too so it has made it much more approachable!
  • #Gaia Project - this game. This was my first big heavy meaty euro game I bought and it holds such a near and dear place in my heart. The way the system functions together with the different tech tracks, the power system, the different factions. It still feels like I have a lot to learn even after 10+ plays. 

Honorable Mention: #Brass: Birmingham - this used to be a 10 but I have not been able to play it enough recently and I have not played with players that mess with me enough. Each game I have played I have been able to do everything I want to do and it feels a little easy? Again, I need to play it more to get a better feel for it. 

Owner13 months ago

I accidentally cleared out hundreds of notifications around the time when I had posted this. Finally realized I didn't reply to most of the comments here! lol

I might have asked some of these questions before but for Gaia Project..

  • How is it at 2p count?
  • What's the player interaction like?
  • How different are the faction powers?

That's too bad about Brass. Were most of those less satisfying plays at 2p count? I would imagine anything more than 2p would naturally lead to you having to switch up your plans at least every other turn.

I hope my funds will look good in January so that I can buy #Too Many Bones! At the same time, I might just wait until I've given my solo focused games at least a couple of plays (e.g. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), and #Nemo's War (Second Edition))

13 months ago

I was gonna say I had not seen you commenting much lately!

I have really liked GP at 2-players, it goes pretty quick (90 minutes) with players who know what they're doing. It is competitive and they change the size of the board for scale it. Player interaction is probably more similar to a worker placement game, people will do things you wanted to do with power actions or they build on a planet you wanted to build on. It's a lot about blocking. You can also leech power off of other people so you do have to think about where you are building and when. All 14 factions play very different but not like Root where you have to teach each faction. It is more like you have one special ability that alters the way the core mechanics play or set you up further on one of the tech tracks. 

Owner13 months ago

14 factions??? lol

I'll have to check out some playthrough videos. I like full-on asymmetry but slight differences in abilities are attractive to me too. Really like how it keeps things fresh for #Clans of Caledonia. I'm curious which game my wife would prefer

13 months ago

Lol yaaaa there are recommended factions for your first play though to make it not as overhwelming! It is definitely more of a Clans vibe in terms of asymmetry! Less thematic and more interwining pieces in GP but comparable!

13 months ago

I am eagerly awaiting your review on Nemos war!! I think Too Many Bones truly scratches a totally differently itch than everything mentioned, even Gloomhaven! I am a proponent of going for it since it is available! It's not always available :)

13 months ago

Mmmm the 2-player games I have played have not been super heavy on the interaction. We all stayed on our own side of the maps and just went from there. I think that made it feel like I can do whatever I want! I have played once at 3-players with relatively inexperienced players so I had the same vibe. I would love to play with players that really wanted to get in the way and maximize everything. 

Owner13 months ago

That's interesting, I'd have to get in more plays with different people to really know. From my first play, it seemed like there will usually be 1 or 2 cities that become the center of major scoring opportunities. So I naturally went for setting up industries and putting down networks around that point. More than that though, I liked that I could leech off of by focusing on putting down networks around his industries. Just seems like a game that encourages interactivity if you want to do well!

13 months ago

Oh definitely, I made some track placement specifically to leech off of my opponents and everything. I guess I have typically set out to do one thing (like get out all of the pottery) and have had no issues getting that out!

Moderator Level 113 months ago

As I type this I am switching back and forth on my BGG ratings for comparison:

#Scythe - this didn't always get 10/10 but time has pushed it up the chart for me.  I used to only give a 10/10 if a game was perfect and I felt there was no design flaw.  I have since softened that approach.  Scythe is a great game.  Its sprawling area control style is not the type of game I would normally pursue and yet Stonemaier has woven together a phenomenally interconnected menagerie of mechanics with high-quality components. 

#Heaven & Ale - Great euro-style game that is well designed with thematic components and remains a top selection in my game collection.  It doesn't hurt that I enjoy brewing beer and so the theme sits well with me too.  This has scene quite a few game nights and has not failed to please each time.

#Gloomhaven - I don't want to say too much that has already been said of this game.  Childers nailed it with this one.  I am not the biggest fan of high fantasy as a theme (one reason I don't have #Pendulum ) but Isaac included what I would term as 'lore' to backbone the game and in the vein of Tolkien has created a masterpiece of story and game mechanics.  

#Wingspan - This is a game I don't want to give 10/10 as I generally feel R&D value is a little high.  That being said, the art, the flow of play, the theme, the boards and components, the expansions, and the number of times this gets played at my house makes it perfect for us.

#Clans of Caledonia - I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did until I played it.  I don't play a ton of economic management games but this is very well designed, has great historically connected Scottish clans, solid components, and well craft gameplay, and a surprisingly small footprint for a game with quite a bit going on.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - is my last 10/10 game that I love to play, has great game flow, and the theme is engaging and fun throughout the game.  I enjoy the 5-6 player games most and try to get this to the table whenever I can.

Runner ups and possible future 10/10:

#Maracaibo - needs more play but already ranks at 9.75 and a 4 positive 4 player experience would push it to the top.  This is another game I thought would be fun but not this good.  

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition - again, need more plays and would like to see a 5 player game at the table.  My first impressions are quite good though and I love playing this game. 

Owner13 months ago

My goodness, Pendulum has one big plus in terms of a fun, chaotic puzzle where you need to learn when to push the right buttons, but the theme is completely forgettable.

Most of my game sessions are solo or 2p so I do wonder how that would impact my ratings. Are you interested in getting the new Viticulture expansion when it releases?

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I tried to find something on the #Viticulture: Essential Edition expansion and didn't have any luck.  I don't think they've posted anything but that's one I'll watch for for sure.  

Moderator Level 113 months ago

I can't no to a Viticulture expansion!  Viticulture is in my 10/10 games. I haven't seen anything regarding what it entails but anything for Scythe, Wingspan or Viticulture I would likely pursue.🙂