Explore a Rich World in the Wastelands of HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurax

HEXplore It: The Sands of Shurx is the third title in the cooperative, hero building, adventure, board game system of the HEXplore It universe. It is both a standalone game and an expansion for the previous two games of the franchise. This third volume is set in a desert where four distinct city-states offer an array of different resources and adventures. The land is also inhabited by a titanic beast called the Ravager that is destroying everything in its wake while leaving behind Crystal Towers for you to explore...

Chose a class and power up your hero as you work towards one of four unique game winning scenarios. Each play through is set on a different modular map and yields substantially different circumstances and events, some controlled by the players, and others occurring randomly. Expect to play this game over and over again with such a huge world to explore.

Take your first step into the wasteland for only $64 and explore this new land of the HEXplore It universe. Check it out before its Kickstarter ends on September 1st, 2019.

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About the Game

  • Cooperative game play
  • Fantasy-themed hero building
  • Variable hero powers and dozens of combinations
  • Organic & customizable hero advancement
  • Modular board with thousands of potential map layouts
  • Maps interlock with past and future Volumes
  • Strategic movement, exploration, questing, and farming mechanics
  • Dozens of unique combat scenarios
  • Dice-rolling & press-your-luck scenarios
  • Several alternative playing styles; Quick Play, Double Up, Marathon, Solo Play
  • Can be played with the Valley of the Dead King, the Forests of Adrimon, or future HEXplore It Volumes
  • Dynamic play duration; you choose the length of play
  • 6 levels of game difficulty
  • Story immersion; heroes choose how much of the story they want to experience

More on Kickstarter

See more about the game on the Kickstarter page! Check it out before it ends on September 1st, 2019!

Go to the Kickstarter here!

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