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10yo son first game design: a mod for “Hotel”

Game Design

Our family always enjoyed a little game of Hotel over Monopoly nu half of the hotels don't even matter. My 10yo and I started a little project: a Hotel modification.

We made prototype deed cards in our mothertongue and altered some pricing. Most of it isn't even linear. There is some ramp up or some discount and You can't stay one night at Fuyijama (it doesn't really matters that much but it's the hotel's tag line now and it adds flavour ;))

First play test tonight. 
we might add other fun stuff later, like booster cards you can get when you land on the empty start field that offer rerolls, discounts or other stuff. 

it's a fun, quick introduction to the challenges, production and balancing aspects of game design.


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Premium User2 months ago

Very cool! Would love to hear how the play test went!

2 months ago

Sorry, I accidentally reported your reply;

I wanted to reply, misclicked and triggerfingered myself through the confirm link as well :/


Test went good, Taj Mahal and royal actually got built and we're planning to introduce more perks and an action deck for when you land on the empty space at the start etc...

Got me thinking on experimenting with price manipulation and loyalty programs etc :)

Premium User2 months ago

Don't ask about the play it ;P

Seriously though no worries I'm sure it happens often. I'm glad it went well. Seems like it's becoming a side project for dad...great time to bond!

Supporter2 months ago

This is awesome! I made games when I was a kid too. They were often incredibly over complicated war games. 

2 months ago

Yeah I made complex hero quest knock-offs :)


This was simple but it worked quite well and it sparked a refreshed interest at the table

2 months ago

That's really cool, and a heartwarming bonding exercise too.

2 months ago

Yeah it wasn't too much work but I got to show him how i made the template, what we needed to consider while keeping it balanced etc.

Supporter2 months ago

I'm not familiar with the game. But it's really cool to see children messing around with stuff like that.