Weekly Challenge #5 - Game Mechanic


First off--thanks for everyone who participated in the previous challenge and for those who created great discussions! I had fun reading all of the posts and it seems like it made it easy for everyone to open up conversations.

Here's Challenge #5 (please make sure to read all instructions):

1. Make a post about game mechanisms. Anything goes! For example, you could post about:

  • What are your favorite dexterity games?
  • What's your favorite game mechanic and why?
  • What are your recommendations for another engine-building game similar to Viticulture?
  • Raiders vs. Architects - Which is a better worker placement game?
  • My top 5 least favorite game mechanics
  • Top 9 Dice Worker/Placement Games (with a 3x3 grid image of the games)
  • Why variable player powers is my favorite game mechanic
  • Which mechanic do you think is underappreciated/underused?

2. To encourage discussion through your post, please include (1) enough context in the description section and (2) a question to engage other users!

3. Link your post to the Weekly Challenge topic page. This will help keep track of participants so that I can give out rewards easily!

4. You will gain 1 entry per post. You can make a maximum of 2 posts per day for this challenge. I hope this will give you ample time to make a thoughtful post and actually enjoy the process instead of feeling rushed to get in as many entries!



Besides earning a badge for completing the challenge (I'll be working on the designs), you will also have a chance to earn a $60 gift card you can put toward a board game purchase!


Thanks everyone and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. I'm going to have a lot of fun joining in on this challenge too :)

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Supporter10 months ago

Last week's challenge was great fun. This one seems good too!

Owner10 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing your posts

Premium User10 months ago

Good idea!  Got a post up. :)

Owner10 months ago

Thanks! Will go and read it now :)

Last week's challenge resulted in 60+ posts!

Supporter10 months ago

That is great. 

10 months ago

That's awesome, it was really enjoyable to read them and get a feel for some of the other users

Supporter10 months ago

Yeah, it was tons of fun to come up with interesting lists. And make definitive versions of some. 

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