Clank! Which game is best?

I own Clank! the original game.  I am debating trading it in and getting another Clank! game.  There are so many versions out there and I've been told Clank! in Space is better than the original.  How many other versions have other's played and what are you're opinions on the expansions vs the original game?

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Supporter7 months ago

Clank Legacy sounds great. I own Clank! Base game too. I prefer the fantasy theme to the space theme in this case. Usually I would prefer space games though. 

Supporter7 months ago

I've heard legacy is the way to go. 

7 months ago

I have heard throughout the board gaming universe that Clank In Space is the superior option if you are not going the legacy route. Legacy is very fun to build your own game though!

7 months ago

I haven't played Clank! In! Space! yes, but I love the original. I have the Mummy's Curse expansion and I really like that board and what it brings. It adds curses (negative points) you collect from a wandering mummy and through certain paths, which adds some fun aspects. The mummy is also a new monster to attack. The only time I've played the original board since getting Mummy's Curse is when I've taught the game to new players. Otherwise I'm all about that Mummy's Curse.

Also, I'm dying to play Clank! Legacy.

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