Weekly Challenge #7 - Wishlist


First off--thanks for everyone who participated in the previous challenge and for those who created great discussions! 

Here's Challenge #7 (please make sure to read all instructions):

1. Make a post about wishlists (list of games you want/games on your radar). Anything goes! For example, you could post about:

  • The state of your wishlist (how many games are on your wishlist? how often do you add games? how often do they get removed? etc)
  • "Top X" wishlist ("7 games I want for playing with the family," "10 games I want to buy for playing with my spouse," "5 games I added to my wishlist because of someone on BGA," "10 games I'd add buy in a heartbeat if it were available or if I had the money," etc)
  • Meta discussion on wishlists (what type of games tend to hop into your wishlist? does having a wishlist tend to make you buy more often? are the most of the games on your wishlist there because it perfectly aligns with your tastes or is it more influenced by FOMO/collector's mentality/etc? is there a helpful feature on BGA that you'd love to see for wishlists?)
  • And more!

2. To encourage discussion through your post, please include (1) enough context in the description section and (2) a question to engage other users!

3. Link your post to the Weekly Challenge topic page. This will help keep track of participants so that I can give out rewards easily!

4. You will gain 1 entry per post. You can make a maximum of 2 posts per day for this challenge. I hope this will give you ample time to make a thoughtful post and actually enjoy the process instead of feeling rushed to get in as many entries!

5. The duration of this challenge is from Monday-Sunday (PST)



Besides earning a badge for completing the challenge (I'll be working on the designs), you will also have a chance to earn a $60 gift card you can put toward a board game purchase! You can see all of our past winners here.


Thanks everyone and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with. I'm going to have a lot of fun joining in on this challenge too :)

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Supporter29 months ago

Another fun topic Phil! Great work. 

Moderator Level 129 months ago

This sounds fun. I just hope it isn't too expensive.... 

Supporter29 months ago


Partner29 months ago

HMMM wish list is probably

Mechs vs Minions, it just looks so cool

Really excited to eventually get my AltarQuest, but that is less a wish list since I already bought it.

Other wise just got a hankering for the Root digital!

how do I link this to the Weekly Challenge?

Owner29 months ago

thanks for participating in the challenge! But instead of a comment, you will need to make a separate post and link to the Weekly Challenges topic page

Let me know if you run into additional questions!

29 months ago

Thank you  for your detailed reply to ! I was wondering the same thing. :)

29 months ago

Weekly Challenge Topic Page

I routinely add a boardgame to my wishlist after watching a review or otherwise coming across it and liking it.  I use my wishlist kind of as a memory aid.  I will refer back to my wishlist to see how I liked it, what price it was, etc.  I will often use my wishlist as a filler to reach free shipping requirements, and I definitely try to promote my wishlist as a list of possible gifts whenever Christmas comes around.  So far that last one hasn't worked.

How do you get your friends and family to buy you games that you want, instead of what they think that you want (i.e. not even a game)?

Right now I have a few games on my must have wishlist that have yet to make it to retail, like Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, and I have games that are no longer easily obtainable, like StarCraft: The Board Game or Xia: Legends of a Drift System, in hopes that someone might want to trade me for one.

I think the main thing that I use my wishlist for though is to rank and queue purchases.

29 months ago

Pretty sure I could will several weeks worth of posts on games I would want to get

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